Triple Challenge 20/30 mile Sponsored Ride

Once again Martello Rotary are organising their sponsored challenge in aid of British Heart Foundation on Sunday, 11th June 2017.  The courses are similar but not identical to last year.  The 20 mile will lead you across the Downs to Firle, along the Coach Road to Alfriston and then back across the Downs to Norton and Seaford.  The 30 mile is similar but includes an extension across the Ouse Valley to Telscombe and a tough climb back up Itford Hill to rejoin the 20 mile route.

Please Register before the event so that full provision can be made for post event facilities.  Full details, maps, directions and Registration Forms can be found at

Let’s hope that the weather this year is slightly better than the rain and gales we enjoyed in 2016.  We have heard that two of Mr Cycles’ mechanics will follow round the course and help with any breakdowns that may have occurred.

2b MTB Friston night ride report

Could not be more different that last week, mild  night around 8 celcius, the ground was very soft  and the section between the gates and the Westdean pond should be renamed as “mud alley”. This was the worth that I have ever seen it, the camber which is supposed to drain the rain water  is great except that they must have resurfaced the centre section with clay!. The mud tyres were doubling in size and fork clearance were reduced to nothing with front and rear wheel stooping due to mud build up.  The rest of the ride was good but with some hard going section due to mud  or the trails having been destroyed by heavy plant machinery as work is been done on the top east side of cardiac. We had just 3 riders plus Gus from the 3b as none of his riders turn.  We were out for just over 2 hours , with a moving time of  1.17h, the rest of the time spend digging the mud out of our forks and frames. We did 7.7mls.  Please note,  I can not make it on 3rd of Feb. If you do want to ride, please confirm with Gus prior to the ride as he will cover for me if needed. Use the link on the 3b ride in our calendar.  Be safe Luc


MTB 3C – Standean Bottom

Starting at 8am on Sunday at The White Lion, Seaford, 12 riders braved the icy conditions to ride the Ouse Esturay Trail (the gravel cycle path) to Newhaven to pick up another rider at Denton Corner. With thirteen of us in the group we rode along the cycle paths past Denton Island and round to the back of the Jolly Boatman. We crossed the C7 road and headed up Valley Road past the school, then tackled the short but very sharp climb to the A259 cycle path. We saw that the conversion of the footpath (to a surfaced cycleway) from the A259 to Ashington Gardens is now underway, and we’re looking forward to its completion in 5 weeks. Until that time the path will be closed.

Footpath clearance, ready for the cycle way


We cycled through The Big Park then along quiet roads up to Telscombe Road, out onto Teslcombe Tye then along the bridleways to Harvey’s Cross. It was very chilly out there in the open countryside, with some thick ice on the puddles but, despite the light fog, the views were worth it.

Ice breaker

The group continued on towards Standean Bottom then the long, slow, circuitous climb up to Woodingdean – being a long meandering route makes it less of a daunting climb, and the valley is both beautiful and quiet. My favourite place. We met a fellow rider who joined us for part of the ride. It’s great when you bump into other riders en-route, and you soon get to recognised familiar faces taking advantage of the amazing countryside we have around here.

Frost and sun at Standean Bottom

After the climb we heading down a farm track bridleway into Rottingdean and onto the under cliff to Saltdean. The climb out of Saltdean to Peacehaven is always a challenge, especially after 18 miles of cross-country riding, and the clifftop path is not as flat as you’d think.

Having encountered thick ice, sloppy puddles and slippery mud, we got back to Seaford safely and exactly on time at noon, the 26 miles and 1700 feet of climbing taking us four hours. A huge ‘well done’ to the riders who stepped up their game to do this challenging ride in tricky conditions.


GPS Video of the route we took:
Cycle Seahaven calendar:
History of Harvey’s cross:
Footpath Peacehaven 12:

PS. Next week’s ride options are a 2B to Bopeep trig point, and a 2.5C ride to Bopeep and Friston Forest. More details in the calendar at

2B Bright & Cold Beginners Ride

A clear bright, if not very cold Sunday morning saw 13 of us leaving Seaford heading towards Newhaven on the Ouse Estuary Trail. Upon reaching Newhaven we were joined by another rider taking our number to 14, a great turn out on such a cold morning. The cold frosty morning meant the grassy trails along the riverbank to Piddinghoe were solid and easier to ride. A quick hop on the C7 saw us arrive at Deans Farm and the start of Valley road taking us to the back of Peacehaven. Due to some of the group venturing out on the own rides, I took the opportunity at certain points to advise where we were and possible alternative routes that maybe taken. Our coffee stop this week was the café at the Big Park in Peacehaven, which was very welcome, in order to de-frost our fingers & toes. Feeling refreshed and de-frosted we head towards the A259 and up & over the Highway, dropping down to & along the Quay side in Newhaven before returning to Seaford via the Ouse Estuary Trail. As always on our beginners rides assistance and advice was offered to less experienced riders in order to boost their confidence and enjoyment whilst on our rides. Well done to all riders that came along today, and to Roy for assisting me leading the ride this morning.

Paul Sandles
Ride Leader 


How to plan a new route

Ride leaders, have you ever thought, “I’d like to go somewhere different today.”  Cyclists, have you thought, “Not Firle Road and Bopeep, again?”

Don’t despair, help is at hand.  Cycle Seahaven has produced a video guide to help you to plan new routes.  It gives you the skills and tools you will need to explore many exciting new routes and find parts of the countryside you never knew existed.

You can access this at

When you’ve planned them, recce’d them, and proved them with a group, why don’t you put them on our website where you will find nearly 20 others with maps and directions.  Find them at “Rides and Events”, “Cycle Routes”.

Outdoor 1st Aid Course

Cycle Seahaven have teamed up with Seajay Training and Sussex Wildlife Trust to deliver a two day outdoor first aid course for our ride leaders, and there are a few places left for CURRENT club members.

Delivered by Seajay Training

Seajay_webSeajay Training are Cycle Seahaven’s preferred choice for high quality first aid courses, and feedback from attendees is always excellent. Seajay Training have provided cycle-specific courses for us in the past and are highly recommended by our ride leaders and members who have attended before. Feedback from previous courses can be found here:

More details on the course content are on the ITC First website, here:

Hosted by Sussex Wildlife Trust

SWTLogoWe are working in partnership with Sussex Wildlife Trust to offer this course to our members at an exceptionally low price. Sussex Wildlife Trust have an education centre at Friston Forest, home to our favourite off-road trails, and have always supported activities and events in and around the area. The trust care deeply about wildlife and the natural environment, working alongside local people to create opportunities to connect with nature.

Course details

We are holding the course during the Easter weekend – Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th March. The location provided by Sussex Wildlife Trust is The Pump Barn, next to Seven Sisters Visitor Centre, Exceat. It’s directly opposite the Saltmarsh café. Car parking costs £4.00 for each full day (it’s free to park your bike). You can bring a packed lunch or order your own food at the Saltmarsh café We’ll have free tea & coffee (and biscuits of you’re lucky) during the day.

Much of the course cost has been covered by the committee and our sponsors. That just leaves participants with the cost of the certificates, booklets and incidentals, which is only  £30 (that’s just £15 per day).  NB. You must be a current member since 18th Jan 2017 to get this hugely discounted price. Similar courses are around £130 per head – details will be sent to those looking to book.

Due to the massive discount over standard prices, and the cost of organising and setting up this course, the £30 fee is non-refundable. Refunds will only be offered if the whole course is cancelled or if the date is changed.

If you are a current member and would like to attend this course then fill out the contact form below to express your interest. Payment of £30 will be requested when we have reached the required number of attendees. It costs nothing to enquire. Places will be offered on a first-come first-served basis.

* indicates required field

2B Beginners / Improvers MTB Ride

With the forecast looking wet & windy 10 of us set out from The White Lion in Seaford, following our usual route upto Bo-peep, picking up the Southdowns Way and heading over to Southease and back to Seaford via Newhaven. Some of the group hadn’t ridden this route before and, given the first half is mostly climbing, they all rode well with only a few stops to re-group. Once up on the Downs the rain eased & the mist lifted, allowing views inland towards Glynde & Lewes. After dropping down Itford Hill to the bridge crossing over A26 we headed for the YHA café for a very welcome hot drink and cake. We couldn’t have timed it better, 5 minutes after we arrived the Intermediate group turned up and joined us for a drink and chat. Feeling refreshed we headed back out into the rain and homeward bound via Egrets Way, Piddinghoe riverbank and Newhaven to Seaford. Although we were wet, muddy & tired, there were smiles on our faces after a great mornings ride.
Cheers Paul Sandles

2B Sunday Morning Beginners Ride

This Sundays ride saw the beginners group and the intermediate group set out together for a relaxed poodle along Seaford seafront to the car park at Tidemills, where the groups split. This left the beginners ride with 17 of us heading for the youth hostel cafe at Southease. A second beginners group was to follow on behind as afew riders were running late. We carried on to Newhaven and then along the riverbank to Piddinghoe where we passed the intermediate group, nothing to do with the speed we were riding at, more to the fact they had all stopped as one of them had picked up a puncture. Shortly after this one of our group also picked up a puncture, however the main group carried on whilst the puncture was repaired, thanks Gus for coming to the rescue.

After a short hop on the C7 we joined the Egrets Way to Southease, having made good time we were to early for the café, so we carried on up the Erget Way until the hard packed surface ended. Turning round we rode back to, and over the bridge crossing the river Ouse and on to the Cafe. The look on the poor waitress’s face when see saw all 17 of us ride up was a picture, a mixture of surprise and fright. Shortly after arriving the second group turned up – all 8 of them…. WOW We couldn’t believe it 25 riders on our beginners ride – a record – as you can see from the photo.

After coffee and cake we returned via the same route, back to Seaford, where people split off at different points to head home, hopefully having enjoyed a very pleasant mornings ride.

I would like to add a personal thank you to those ride leaders & more experienced riders who assisted me on this ride. It is greatly appreciated.  

Paul Sandles


Bike Re-cycling Project

From 1st January 2017, the Mr Cycles (Seaford) and Giant (Shoreham) bike stores will be helping the Sussex Community Development Association (SCDA) with their Bike Recycling Project. The project is based at a workshop in Newhaven but will benefit the long-term unemployed and socially inactive across Sussex. Rod Lambert, proprietor of Mr Cycles and one of the founder members of Cycle Seahaven, will be providing help and advice to the project and the two shops will be passing on any bikes they receive as part of trade-in offer that will run throughout January. Previously customers would ask the cycle shop to dispose of bikes or components such as handlebars, tyres or saddles that they no longer required and the shop would do its best to pass them to other cyclists. Now these will be passed on to the SCDA bike recycling project.
George Stonehouse of SCDA explains: We’re running a Re-Cycle Project that involves re-cycling, maintaining and selling bicycles. The idea is to get members of the community involved in the fixing, maintaining and selling these bikes, to learn work-related skills that they can use in the workplace, help develop the individual’s confidence and make them more employable. The participants will then be able to use the bikes to get to and from work, or they will be sold in the SCDA charity shops and the money would be used to fund the running costs of the project and the charity. We’re grateful for the help and assistance offered by Rod and the Mr Cycles team.


So instead of taking that old bike from the shed to the local tip why not pop it into Mr Cycles and they’ll pass it on to the SCDA Re-Cycle project. Better still, if you’re buying a new bike from Mr Cycles during January that costs £500 or more, trade-in your old bike and you’ll get £75 credit to spend in store. * The trade-in bike needs to be a complete adult bike.