A259 Improvements between Newhaven and Peacehaven – CSH response

Cycle Seahaven have responded to the ESCC cycle way proposals with another option: a cycle way from A259 to Lewes Road (c7) via Valley Road. This route would go past Meeching Valley Primary School, the playground on Valley Road, and up Willow Walk to a new crossing over to Elphick Road, thus linking up to the rest of the cycle network in Newhaven. A cycle route through this residential area would serve the children wanting to cycle to school and other local residents by linking up to the existing cycle route to town via North Way and North Lane. It would join the school and Meeching Valley to the bottom of Newhaven town, the rail station and superstores using a flat and easy route suitable for all ages. It would also link up to the proposed Egrets Way cycle route along the banks of the river Ouse to Lewes. http://egretsway.org.uk


To make things a bit easier to follow we have created a simplified unofficial Google map, attached at the bottom as a jpg (click the pic for a larger version) and also a link to the online version.

We believe that the Meeching Valley route has a number of benefits over the ESCC propoals of using Northdown Road and Church Hill:

1)    Meeching Valley is relatively flat, whereas Church hill is very steep.

2)    Meeching Valley is relatively quiet with wide pavements, whereas Northdown Road is narrow, often clogged with cars, and with no accessible pavement for conversion to shared use.

3)    A flat, unobstructed and quiet route is likely to see significantly higher usage by cycles and pedestrians.

The ESCC survey is open until the end of December 2013 and is available here: https://consultation.eastsussex.gov.uk/economy-transport-environment/newhaven-and-peacehaven-improvements/consult_view

Meeching Valley Cycle Way - CSH Proposal

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  • Clive Aberdour

    Like your proposed Meeching Valley cycle route. We tried it on our return trip from the Velo Café in Brighton today, see my earlier post about this ride, and we all agreed it was a better route through Newhaven than others we had used. We went down The Fairway and into Brazen Close, then followed a short gravel and mud path which wasn’t ideal for road bikes but wasn’t too bad. We were quickly back onto tarmac roads and followed Valley Rd to the Lewes Rd (C7). I see this was a mistake as we should have branched off into Willow Walk so will try that next time. Anyway, we turned right into the Lewes Rd and then left into Elphick Rd where we picked up our usual cycle route through Newhaven. Nice route!