New Website

You may have noticed that look of the Cycle Seahaven website has changed, for example the menu is now on the left-hand side of the screen.

I hope you enjoy using the new website but if you experience any problems using it then please let me know and I’ll arrange to get them resolved.

The best way to contact me at present is simply to use the ‘Leave A Reply’ form below.

Happy browsing,

Clive Aberdour

Touring Ride Descriptions: Improvements

Some improvements have been made to the ride descriptions of Touring rides on the Rides Calendar which, hopefully, members will find useful when considering going on any of our rides.

The ride description will now include six side-headings:


‘Route’ has always included a hyperlink to the plotted route on RWGPS (Ride With GPS). This hyperlink will now be a short filename in upper case which will be the main destination of the ride, eg BLACKBOYS E1.

Therefore, if you download the route onto your GPS cycle computer, you should easily find the route in your saved ‘Courses’; Garmin devices do not like long filenames. Don’t worry about the last two characters of the filename such as E1 as they’re just a route identity suffix.

When you look at the plotted route on RWGPS you’ll see more information about the ride, both on the map and in the column on the right-hand side. Google Streetview is available on RWGPS maps so you can do a virtual tour of the route or take a look at any parts of the route that may be unknown to you.

Our touring rides aren’t just about the cycling; the refreshment stops are a key part of our rides. Therefore, if a refreshment stop has a website, there will now be a hyperlink to it.

Also, more details will be added to our list of Refreshment Stops including Trip Advisor ratings. There will be more information in a post later this month.

TIP     To view a RWGPS map on a tablet it’s probably best to view it in landscape otherwise you may only get a description and cue sheet if viewed in portrait.

Happy cycling,


Trishaw comes to Seaford

Following a vote at Cycle Seahaven’s recent AGM it was agreed that we would support Cycling Without Age – Seaford to raise awareness and funds to enable them to purchase the first Trishaw for Seaford.  A fortunate visit to Cycling Without Age’s roadshow last Friday in Hassocks gave us a last minute chance to have a loan Trishaw called Annie for the week.  Jumping at the chance to promote this amazing scheme Cycle Seahaven took delivery of the Trishaw on Saturday.

Annie’s first ride out was on Sunday where we spent 3 hours down at Seaford Seafront offering rides to passers by and also to our club riders to have a go at being the pilot (rider) as well as the passenger.  Many were surprised and pleased to find that the bike is power assisted which makes it incredibly easy to ride with passengers up front.  Our volunteer passengers commented on how comfortable the ride was and how fun it felt to be up front with the wind in their hair and the fantastic views along the seafront.

It was also very noticeable the interaction between passengers and passers by who all wanted to wave and say hello.  This being a key element of the scheme – getting people back outside and feeling part of their local community once more.  A quick recharge overnight saw Annie refreshed and ready for another day on the seafront.  Once again there was a fantastic response from the general public and from the press.

Behind the scenes the club has worked very hard in a very short time to make new contacts for Pete Tattam (founder of Cycling Without Age – Seaford) and Mary Hawes (fundraiser) which has really kickstarted the fundraising and publicity.  Sussex Express also contacted us after seeing the post on facebook and will be covering the story in this Friday’s edition.  Seahaven FM also visited and taped some interviews and have been covering this on the radio all week.

Both Pete and Mary commented that they are so grateful for the support shown by the Club and feel re-energised about their project.  They are starting to believe that the purchase of a Trishaw this year may now be a real possibility.

The Trishaw was also in Broad Street on Friday Morning after which she was invited to visit Old Ben Warden Assisted Homes in Seaford to give some of the residents a ride out.


AGM Awards 2018

Here are the award winners as presented at the AGM on Feb 6th.

Awards by Ride LeadersRoad Riders
Gary LennyDiane Norman
Awards by Ride LeadersOff-road Riders
Mike Winser
Claire Bennett
Awards by Committee
Paul Sandles
Sarah Winser
Fun AwardsPresented by Tracey and Kate
Best Bike Porn Wendy Wells
Dedicated Bike Doctor Dave Sutton

Another Super Christmas Meal for the Tourers

Another highly convivial time was had by twenty-one of us at the Cycle Seahaven ‘Tourers’ Christmas meal in the British Legion yesterday evening. It was our third year in succession at the Legion so it’s becoming something of a tradition.

That’s hardly surprising as the meal is excellent value for money and it’s a very relaxed atmosphere in the Legion. No doubt we’ll be making a return visit next Christmas!

The touring rides will continue throughout this festive season, weather permitting, although not on Christmas Day or Boxing Day! The next planned ride will be on Christmas Eve to Molly’s Café at Rottingdean, then the café at Ripe on Thursday 28th December and to Wesson’s Café at Horam on New Year’s Eve. There may be some other touring rides if the weather remains mild so please keep an eye on the Rides Calendar. Those in the CSH Tourers WhatsApp Group will be kept informed of all the news on the rides as usual.

Merry Christmas everyone,


Winter Touring Rides

The weather is getting colder and Jack Frost has started to visit us. As in previous years, our touring rides will continue throughout Winter on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday of each week. However, please check the Rides Calendar on the morning of a ride in case there’s been a change.

Changes to rides are more likely during Winter because of inclement weather. Certainly, if there is a risk of ice then a ride will be cancelled or sometimes the route may be changed. This can happen because the temperature inland can be several degrees colder than on the coast so a ride to, say, Horam or Heathfield may get changed to Rottingdean or Brighton to avoid the risk of black ice.

If a ride is cancelled, altered or delayed then the Rides Calendar will be updated with the details at least one hour before the planned start time of the ride. Members in the CSH Tourers WhatsApp Group will receive a message immediately a decision is made to change a ride. (Please see my previous post: Cycle Seahaven Tourers’ WhatsApp Group).

Sunday morning touring rides are now starting at the slightly later time of 9.00am at the Martello Tower on Seaford Promenade. The start time for Tuesday and Thursday touring rides remains unchanged at 9.30am, usually at the entrance to the Seven Sisters Country Park car park in Friston Forest although occasionally at the Martello Tower.

Happy and safe cycling,


A busy 1st of July!


Saturday, July 1 was a busy day for the club. It started a few days before with a plea for help as our usual Dr Bike ‘doctors’ were unavailable. Requests for help on the Cycle Seahaven Facebook page (and closed group page) remedied that and we ended up with more helpers than we’ve ever had previously.

The team established ourselves on the usual pitch outside Seaford Police Station and before long the first of the thirteen bike ‘casualties’ arrived. Typically these are rusty bikes that have been pulled out of sheds by their owners in the hopes they can start riding them again in the summer. The vast majority of which just require proper lubrication and safety checks (the bikes not the owners).

The team had a few punctures to contend with as well, which given the mechanical skills of one of the volunteers proved to be entertaining. Formula One this isn’t and if you’ve never seen a grown man wrestling (and losing to) a child’s pedal cycle then perhaps you should volunteer.

The next Dr Bike is in the Meridian Centre, Peacehaven on the 15th of July between 10 am and midday.

Later in the day…..

Ellie started her Women’s Festival of Cycling ride from the White Lion. She took a group on a 24-mile cross-country route through the forest and then onto the South Downs Way above Eastbourne. From there they descended into Birling Gap before returning to the forest.

Judging by the comments on Facebook this was a bit like trying to herd cats as some of the riders kept getting distracted by butterflies, caterpillars and every other living creature known to man. When not pursuing said butterflies on a bike (to get photos for a member of the group), she was trying to locate others that had wandered off. What is it about teachers and their need to misbehave when not in school? A sharp blast of the whistle and order was restored.

Once back in the forest the group were given goody bags kindly provided by Cycling UK to celebrate the festival. It appears that the ‘bum butter’ provided in little pots within the bag can be mistaken for lip salve (always read the label!).

If you didn’t know, Cycling UK’s Women’s Festival of Cycling runs for the whole of July. The aim is to encourage more ladies to ride (only 20% of UK bike riders are female). Cycle Seahaven’s ratio is 25% but as one of the ladies said yesterday it seems like more because our ladies have a tendency to be ‘vocal’.


Mark Woodgate’s family ride started in the forest with a brilliant turnout. Parents and children assembled in the car park before peddling to the Candy Canes and then along sections of the red route, before descending down the Snow Run and Final Descent.

Some of these youngsters are going to be seriously good riders in future. If you want to encourage children to ride we thoroughly recommend you bring them along to a Family Ride (hosted on the first Saturday of every month throughout the summer starting at 2 PM).

And then………

Both rides joined up in the second car park of the forest for a picnic. Ellie’s ladies had arrived first and having erected the Cycle Seahaven gazebo they got down to the serious business of Prosecco tasting. Both groups enjoyed a picnic and Ellie’s chocolate and raspberry cheesecake, which seems to have been used as a carrot to encourage participation in both rides. The kids, with renewed energy, ran around playing football or Kubb; a Danish game which involves knocking down wooden blocks with sticks. Some of the ‘bigger kids’ also tried racing the little kids’ bikes resulting in at least one crash.

So, all in all, a great day for the club. Thank you to all those that volunteered and assisted with Dr Bike. Special thanks to Ellie and Mark for hosting and coordinating their rides so that everyone could join up for a  picnic. It was a great idea. Plans are afoot for similar events in future; details to follow on the CSH Website,  Facebook pages and Club Twitter account.

From the Chair to all Members

Dear Cycle Seahaven member,

The new committee met for the first time on the 7 March and I thought it would be a good time to tell you a bit about what’s going on behind-the-scenes.

Before going into detail I’d like to make a request; put simply ‘Your committee needs you!’

We want to build upon the excellent work of the previous committees and with so many opportunities to develop the club we need your help.  As of yesterday there were 252 members and with only 10 committee members, all of whom are volunteers, there’s a lot for us to do.  We have to consider legal matters, child protection, health and safety, web design and a whole host of other things that some of you will be experts in and we’re not!  So, if you can help we’d love to hear from you, even if you can only offer a couple of hours now and again.

Roles within the committee are listed below together the names of the committee members overseeing them.  If you want to help with any of those roles or you have suggestions for the committee please contact us:

Name Primary Role Secondary Role
Guy Reynolds Chair Campaigns
Ricki Carver Training  
Lou Pye Secretary Events
Denis Bass Treasurer Membership Secretary
Tony Rowswell Web Master Minute Secretary
Dave Barlow MTB Ride Leader  
Dave Geering Road Riding Leader / Dr Bike Training
Helen Blaber Events Communications
Kate Carver Communications  
Rod Lambert Charity Events  


Our most pressing project is arranging this year’s Family Easter Egg ride, which you will have seen from the slideshow at the AGM is a very popular event. Keep an eye on the website for further details.

We are also discussing plans around the use of the new bike trailer which will enable us to take riders, of all disciplines, to new locations and events. Hopefully we can plan some great trips away this year.

Communication is a core function within the committee and we are looking at ways to heighten our profile in Seaford, Newhaven and Peacehaven. Hopefully we can get new members and identify funding opportunities to support new and exciting projects.

Ride Leaders are vital to the club and without them there would be no rides. The committee will continue to explore ways to assist them in developing their own skills, rides, routes and rider progression. We could always use more ride leaders, of all abilities, so if you are interested in becoming a Ride Leader please follow this link: (you don’t need to be an expert cyclist).

Last weekend saw the launch of the Dr Bike project in Seaford. This is essentially a ‘pop-up workshop’ that provides free safety checks and minor repairs to get people back on their bikes. It’s a project we would like to develop and if we have any budding bike mechanics who want to get involved, please contact Dave Geering

The Puncture Repair Workshop was also last weekend and this was well attended too. Thank you to the volunteers that made it a success.  We hope to host more of these and similar events during the forthcoming year.  Keep an eye out on the club website or subscribe to regular updates.

Finally a few words about the AGM.  We hope those that attended the AGM this year enjoyed it? I thought the talk by our nominated charity, the Kent and Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance (KSSAA), was really interesting and informative.  Whilst we hope we never have cause to call them it is reassuring to know they are there providing expert medical care available where ever we ride.  If you are unfortunate enough to become unstuck in the back of beyond you may want to consider downloading one of the many free apps available on the internet, such as ‘View Ranger’ or ‘Easy SOS,’ as they pin point your location for the emergency services or loved ones.

The size and success of the club means that we will have to change the way that members of the committee are elected in future. We want everyone to have a voice so there will be a new process in place for the next AGM.  More of that nearer the time.

For those of you that missed the AGM, it’s a shame you weren’t there.  You not only missed a good evening but also a great free Chilli prepared by Denis Bass and his team (it’s worth coming just for that).  Thank you to everyone who worked to make it a success.

I look forward to hearing your suggestions for the committee over the next year.

Finally, just a reminder it’s that time of year to renew your membership. Please follow this link if you need to do so. Join and Renew

Happy pedling!

Guy          (Chair Cycle Seahaven)

Revised Grading System for All Rides

A group of Ride Leaders has been reviewing the Grading System for Cycle Seahaven rides over the last year and has produced, what they believe to be, a simpler and more easily understood version. The group consisted of Road and Off-road Ride Leaders and the result has been through many re-drafts and consultations before being agreed by your Committee.

It may be viewed here .
It will be published on the CS website shortly and will be in operation for all rides as from January 1st 2017.