Lewes Cycling Map – help needed

Drop by the Nutty Wizard corner of South Street on Sunday 23 April from 1.30 – 2.30pm to share your thoughts and ideas on what should be included in the new cycle map for the Lewes . . . → Read More: Lewes Cycling Map – help needed

How to plan a new route

Ride leaders, have you ever thought, “I’d like to go somewhere different today.” Cyclists, have you thought, “Not Firle Road and Bopeep, again?”

Don’t despair, help is at hand. Cycle Seahaven has produced a video guide to help you to plan new routes. It gives you the skills and tools you will need to explore . . . → Read More: How to plan a new route

Route Maps

A new page has been added to our website that lists a small selection of our favourite rides. The list can be sorted by mileage or total climb so you can look for routes by distance or effort. You can use the search function to filter routes by destination, distance or type (Road, MTB, Track). . . . → Read More: Route Maps

Route ideas in Peacehaven

We are currently looking to expand our knowledge of cycle routes around Peacehaven for both road and off-road bikes. The suggested route on most maps is along Arundel Road, but there must be more than that. Do you know the best parks or pubs to visit by bike? What about trips to the local shops . . . → Read More: Route ideas in Peacehaven

Electronic mapping

If you’re looking for a new cycle route then online maps can help you avoid the traffic and take you to some interesting places. At the moment they are no substitue for a proper printed map (or a helpful guide/ride leader, who can also fix punctures), but they can certainly spark interest in where to . . . → Read More: Electronic mapping