Vans on Egrets Way to be approved?

*** Update ***
Planning approval was rejected. read more here:


The planning application to allow vans to use the proposed walking and cycling route along Cockshut Lane will be heard  at 5.00pm on 11 November 2015 at The Council Chamber, County Hall, St Annes Crescent, Lewes.

The application is recommended for APPROVAL.

This is a very important decision which will affect the usability of this beautiful route from Newhaven to Lewes and we ask again that you PLEASE object to this so that school children, the less able, dog walkers and cyclists can rely on this route to remain traffic free. Just fill out the online form at:

Here’s how:

  1. You’ll need to register first (if you haven’t already). use this link to register LINK
  2. Then use the following link to jump to the planning application LINK
  3. Finally leave a comment by clicking on ‘Make a comment’ at the top right of the planning screen and choose stance ‘Object’
  4. Fill out some words why (if you want), for example:
    • kids and families use it to get to school;
    • it’s planned to be part of Egrets Way, a walking and cycling traffic free route;
    • existing illegal users are a menace (accidents have happened);
    • current planning laws forbid vehicles for a very good reason;
    • the road is too narrow for vehicles to use it safely;
    • it’s a stupid idea;…
    • To see a list of comments from others click this LINK

You can read the notification letter from the council here: LW_05_1892_variation_notification


5 comments to Vans on Egrets Way to be approved?

  • Sarah Playforth

    Thus is a precious traffic free lane for use of children. disabled people, cyclists & dog walkers. It should not be opened up to vehicles, with consequent inconvenience at best, lack of safety at worst for existing users. Please don’t approve this extra usage

  • Stephanie Taylor

    At a time when we start to be excited for the possibilities of the wonderful resource to be used by children and adults alike, it is then decided to spoil any thought of people being able to ride safely, and quietly. With vans using this path, many parents will think twice about encouraging heir children to use the path. It will end up being only used by the vans. Why can’t they use the road system already in place.. This path will also enable people to enjoy he nature on offer, usually only available to those on foot and able enough to go over the fields. Please don’t make this a shared space.

  • Andy Lock

    please leave your comments using the above links. We can’t forward your comments for you.
    I’ve modified the blog to include instructions.

  • Jacky O'Callaghan

    Just as we begin to think we will have Egrets Way as a quiet, natural path for walking, someone decides to ruin it. This is a ridiculous notion by anybody’s standards. Apart from the obvious hazards of accidents and pollution, who is going to monitor which vans use the path? If vans are seen to use it, cars will follow suit, thus negating the whole ethos of the project. There are roads for the purpose of traffic. This is a foot and cycle path – commercial traffic is not acceptable.

  • Andy Lock

    Thanks to everyone that objected to this planning application: it was rejected and Egrets Way will remain traffic free.