Friday night Introduction to 2B MTB Friston forest night riding

Glad to say that I will be able to resume with the 2B/2C Friston forest night rides starting on Friday the 21 of October (WEATHER ALLOWING).  If you are interested please drop me a line to luc.d4 “at” or use our CONTACT page

The first 5 rides will be an introduction into MTB night riding into Friston forest .

Powerful lights are required , but I could lend some sets for the first few rides until riders feel that it is worth investing into something they will want to do for the winter months.

Some experience of Off Road, single trail forest riding is required, the first 5 rides will be easy and  the trails used and the length we are out will depends on riders abilities (I have not been in the forest for the last 6month, SO, I also need to rebuild my fitness) Eventually we will be aiming to cycle for a couple of hours  with going up cardiac a couple of time on the night. Some of the trails we will eventually do will be the same as used by the current 3D riders, but at a much slower pace and with a lot more stops.

Riding at night in Friston is quite magical and certainly very relaxing, this is a good way of winding down before the start of the weekend and is ideal, if like me, you are struggling to find time to spend on your bike at the weekend. Riding at night due to modern LED lights is not expensive, and not that much different from riding in the daytime. Darkness is around you apart from were your lights are pointing (FUN).

I am hopping to build up a team of about 5/6 regular riders for Intermediate MTB winter riding fun. (My rides are purely for exercise and forest MTB single tracks fun) and will only go if not raining on the night. I will inform riders by text on the day.

Usual requirements are:  MTB or Hybrid bike but with knobbly tyres, Helmet, Gloves, (would advise to wear clear glasses), water bottle, (would advise a small back pack, with a spare jersey/jacket), Powerful lights (I can lend you some for the introductory rides, but please check with me, last e-MAIL pick up for this will be Thursday night)

Under age riders must have a parent or guardian also participating on the ride .
Note the start is by the forest gates in Friston (MAP LINK) so riders must be able to get to it and get home safely by their own transport.

Hope to see a few of you




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