Friston 2b MTB Friday night introductory evening ride report

I am very please to report that we had three new 2b riders on the night, all ladies, Jenny, Carol and Julie. Unfortunately Elisabeth was unable to join us due to an early fall , but she should be back soon.  The four of us took a leisurely ride down the family trail to ‘the lollypop’ where James, one of the 3C, riders joined us. After a small pause we started the ascent up Cardiac hill, but a few 100 yards before ‘Moby’ Julie bike had a puncture. It was decided that Carol, Jenny and James would carry on up Cardiac and meet us back at the same place 10mn later giving me time to fix the puncture. Usual thing a thorn had gone trough the tyre inner tube.   By the ‘Moby’ we took the the lower section of the Fairy Trail to join Rattle and Hum, where we met the 3c group by the table jumps. Once back at ‘the lollypops’ night fall was on us so, as this was only an introductory ride and for some it was their first  time on forest single track, we went back to the car park. Unfortunately my mobile phone Strava once again managed to pause itself, so no data on the ride apart from what I have transposed on one of  Jim’s map (I hope he does not mind) at

We did about 4miles and after all, for Friday the 13th: a puncture and Strava not recording the ride was pretty good!

I will do another introductory ride next week weather allowing, this will start at the earlier time of 7.15pm. This again will not be a full ride as I will try to cover some of the very basic skills of riding single tracks ( if required on the day). Please be aware that you will need a powerful bike light  as night falls very quickly in Friston. I have some spare ones that I can lend on the night if required, but I need prior warning.

If you fancy trying it Friston single tracks with the 2b, I see you Friday night at 7.15
Ride safe.  Luc


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  • Andy Lock

    Nice one Jean-Luc. It’s good to see some beginners take to the forest. The dry weather and longer daylight hours allow for some magical riding.