Has the GLOWORM X2 high power bike light found its match?

Ituo have send me a while back their new XP2 and XP3 and they are the “Dog’s bo…ks” They equal the performance the Gloworm lights and have better more friendly features and on top of that they cost a lot less!

As you probably know, for over a year now I have tried several products from a new Chinese high quality bike light manufacturer: ITUO. Their products have been high quality, high specs and more important reliable, further more they have field tested the lights with quite a few riders world wide and have listen to riders feedbacks to design some of the best lights now available on the market. They are not yet as well know as Gloworm or Gemini, but their latest release in my mind is superior and definitely cheaper . Back in December 2015, I purchased a 1500 lumens GLOWORM X2  and despite the bitterness of the price, I was well please with my purchase. No real comparison with the Yinding YD or the Solarstorm X2 or similar  lights from Ebay, you need to own a Gloworm X2 to appreciate the difference, it is like driving a luxury car or a very basic cheap one, they will both take you from A to B, but your journey will be very different!
To list of a few features that make them stand apart:  Panasonic cell in water proof battery pack, a remote and removable switch, another switch on top of the light, a very effective FULL, RAPIDLY RESPONDING, ACTIVE THERMAL MANAGEMENT, with no hard step down like you find on other lights, a proper QR bar mount, a helmet mount , a GoPro clamp , 3 levels fully user programmable in 10% increments , hidden flash modes, very steady discharge line and very long runtime (tested by myself from 100% to 50% output 1500 true lumens to 750 true lumens  185mn, this is 3h05 and this is just down to 50% of it original ouput, you will not get many lights achieving this in real life) all this for £134 less discount, A Gloworm X2 will cost you £179

I have no direct interest in the product apart from sharing my experience with you, I have bought many cheap lights and ended up buying a very expensive one in the search of better and more friendly lighting for my night rides and this is why I take the time to make video or reviews to share my findings with other riders.

I am planning to start my 2c MTB Friston Friday night rides in mid to late october and will be using both lights, but if you want a preview have a look at my youtube video. If you are interested into ridding with me, please get in touch. Luc

The UK distributor is http://www.brightbikelights.com

and do offer a 5% discount on the ITUO range (Wiz range) with the discount code (SEAHAVEN)

As Soon as I have a date on the rides I will let you guys know

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