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All riders,  whether members or guests,  have a duty of care for  themselves and the rest of the group. But,  as a club member on a ride,  a ride leader has a few additional responsibilities compared to any other rider:

  • The Ride Leader can publish the ride on the club’s online calendar. This will normally include the start time,  expected distance and/or duration,  indicative level. This gives riders a good idea of what to expect and will help them to judge their suitability to join a ride.
  • Ride leaders will have been on a number of club rides so will have experience of riding in a group. They are therefore likely to be able to help resolve any problems or incidents.
  • Ride Leaders are not expected to be experts in any field,  for example first aid,  cycle maintenance or the law. They are there as a focal point for the smooth running of a ride – calling on the experience of the other riders to assist.
  • A Ride Leader can refuse any member or guest from joining the ride. For example, a rider may not be considered experienced enough or physically able to complete the planned route, or they may expose the other riders to additional risk.
  • Ride Leaders should be familiar with the Club Rules (usual disclaimer, number of guest riders, duty of care, constitution, link to Junior Member page, etc. page under construction).
  • The Ride Leader has access to the online Incident Form which is completed at the discretion of the Ride Leader. If in doubt, fill it out.
  • A Ride Leader should know the name of every rider. Guests are encouraged to leave their details with the Ride Leader in case of an incident. To make things easier guests should fill out a Guest Entry Form and bring it with them (online and paper versions being created). Optionally the Ride Leader could add the Guests name and emergency number to their phone.


Ride leaders are simply a contact point to help organise riders to make the experience more enjoyable. They accept no additional or third party liability above that of any other rider in the group.

Ride Leaders will be registered with the CyclingUK to benefit from their third-party liability insurance and legal experts. This is part of the service offered by CyclingUK, paid for by The Club’s affiliation fees.


Because the position of ride leader is an informal one, they are not required to have any special training such as First Aid or formal ride leading qualifications. Cycle Seahaven have provided optional first aid training for many ride leaders. Further training and refreshers may be offered in future.

How to become a ride leader

Any club member who regularly attends club rides can become a ride leader for Cycle Seahaven. You will need to ‘lead’ two rides with another ride leader present so you can feel comfortable with helping riders get the most from their ride. The attending Ride Leader will then make a recommendation to the committee, who will then inform the member.

It’s best to speak to a current ride leader to find more information.

Why be a ride leader?

Leading a ride is hugely rewarding. You get to meet new people and you will gain knowledge and experience from others.


Additional information

Cycle Seahaven (‘The Club’) are affiliated to the CyclingUK, and as such run The Club according to their documentation and procedures.


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