One Last Dr Bike

Hi all Helpers at Dr Bike this year,

I think we will all say Dr Bike has been a great success getting over 100 bikes out of garages and finding new members.  Many thanks to all those who helped in any way at Seaford or Peacehaven


At the beginning of the year some of us attended the PTA charity car wash at Seaford Head Lower School to run a Dr Bike session. The PTA are looking to have another car wash and have asked if we can attend to run another Dr Bike.  Last time was very successful and we had a steady flow of bikes.

I have had a two people show interest in helping this time. The car wash is on Sunday 19th November, morning to afternoon. I am available to go although I will be on call.

I feel this will be good to do, is anyone else interested in helping?


Please contact Ricki  on our Contact Page as “Loan Kit”

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