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Our Google Group

Cycle Seahaven has something called a ‘Google Group’. This is a way of exchanging messages with everyone else in the club who is also signed up. It’s a great way to swap ideas, advertise stuff for sale, discuss the last ride or see if anyone fancies joining you on an ‘unofficial’ bike ride – whatever you fancy.

And it’s all FREE!

There’s a few steps you need to follow, outlined below:

1) Join Cycle Seahaven. It’s only a fiver a year (to cover our website and other minor costs). Instructions on how to join are at this LINK

2) Sign into your Google Account. If you don’t have a Google Account then you’ll have to create one (again, it’s Free!). To do this you will need a valid email address – any email will do, as long as it’s yours.  It’s easier for us if you use the same one you registered with us when joining. You can create a Google Account from this LINK

3) So, you’ve got a Google Account and Cycle Seahaven Membership. The next step is to request access.

You will be asked for your membership number! If you don’t know it then put your full name so we can link you to our membership list. If we don’t recognise your email address or name then we’ll have trouble matching you as a paid-up member.

Now you know what to expect just click on the link to sign up SIGN UP

4) Using the Google Group.

Now you’re signed up you will get regular emails when people post messages. You decide how often you get them – some people will want an immediate update, other will be happy to see a daily summary. You can change your settings using this LINK

By replying to any group messages your words of wisdom will automatically be sent to everyone else who’s signed up. Cool, huh?

If you want to start a new topic (e.g. something for sale, a crazy idea for a cycle route or whatever) then click on the  ‘New Topic’ button and get typing. This hugely important button doesn’t get pride of place anywhere, so you’ll have to search for it. Or use this handy LINK

5) Still having trouble?

Contact us and we’ll try to help. Use this LINK