Ride Leader Profiles

Cycle Seahaven is very fortunate to have a large number of ride leaders, and they can all be contacted directly by email at our Ride Leader Contact page

Clive AberdourRide LeaderDenis BassRide Leader

I’ve been an active cyclist virtually all my life, have cycled extensively in France as well as in Great Britain and have organised many fund-raising bikeathons for a major charity. Since Cycle Seahaven was formed in early 2009 I’ve led numerous road rides for the club. I usually lead rides at level 3 (Touring Pace).
My prime concern when planning a ride is ‘safety’. Read More

Therefore, I avoid busy roads except to cross them and, in the main, keep to quiet country roads. My ride descriptions on the Rides Calendar always have a link to the plotted route so members can take a look at it beforehand using Google Streetview.

Denis BassI have ridden a bike since I was a child,but it wasn't until the growth of the MTB in the eighties that I found riding a bike so exhilarating and enjoyable. Even now in my retirement riding my bike is one of my top three activities that I enjoy the most.

In 2009 I was looking for some "development" in my cycling life when Cycle Seahaven was formed,since then as the club has grown it has formed an integral part of my cycling life,long may this continue.
Rob BlackmanRide LeaderRoy FrancombRide Leader
RobI've been riding since I was a kid and rode from Brighton to Devon when I was 15 on an old steel bike that weighed a ton and I'm still knocking out touring, audax and sportive rides 40 years later.

Since then I've seen loads of different styles emerge: mountain bikes, carbon roadies, and now cx and carbon gravel go anywhere bikes. One thing is for certain though: whether big or small, novice or advanced, fat or wafer thin, road or off road, slow or fast, load or weight weanie, carbon or metal, we've a ride for you.
Since joining Cycle Seahaven I’ve met some great people, explored new and interesting places on my doorstep, had lots of laughs, and have got a bit fatter (I mean fitter) in the process!

It’s really good to be able to ride with people of all abilities and encourage them to try new challenges. It’s amazing to see how quickly new and returning cyclists, develop skills, fitness and confidence.

Look forward to riding with you soon!
Ian CairnsRide LeaderRay DeaconRide Leader
IanWhenever I see an adult on a bicycle,I have hope for the human race. ~ H.G. Wells.
Cycle tracks will abound in Utopia. ~ H.G. Wells.
When the spirits are low,when the day appears dark,when work becomes monotonous,when hope hardly seems worth having,just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road, without thought on anything but the ride you are taking. ~ Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
RayA grandfather that smokes and drinks too much, normally found single speeding round Friston Forest or on the South Downs Way.
Has been known to go to the dark side with a road bike.
Jean-Luc DelauveRide LeaderDave GeeringRide Leader

I took up cycling 6 years ago to improve my fitness and save on work commuting cost. A couple of years ago, I was introduced to Friston Forest and trail riding by Lurch. I instantly loved it and found MTB a good way of relaxing as well as having fun while exercising! My favourite rides are night rides where the forest take a mysterious look only broken by our high power lights!
Read More

I became a ride leader in spring 2011 and I hope my rides bring a bit of fun mixed with a little adrenaline rush and good exercise. I am bilingual being born in Paris, so any French riders are welcomed on my rides 🙂

I ride and lead all genres of cycling but I mostly ride road bikes. I am the Ride Leader for the faster road rides that are more about the exercise and fitness value than the scenery your passing. There is a certain thrill about working together as a group drafting each other in a train at 25mph and gaining an average speed of 17 or 18 mph over 50 miles.
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Leading a group of cyclists safely in traffic can be daunting at first but I can pass on my knowledge to anyone considering road riding to maintain the fun element.

Andy (Gus) LockRide LeaderJamie LynchRide Leader
I started riding at the age of 35, so I'm quite late to the party, but I've been with the club since day-1. I'm very keen on the tougher MTB 4C to 5D cross-country and forest rides, and I also get a real buzz from helping beginners and improvers get the most from cycling. You'll therefore find me on all levels of MTB rides, and helping out with workshops and events.Read More

I spend a lot of time studying maps to find new routes, and I love to vary my routes as much as possible. I ride a mountain bike without any gears so I'm limited to how fast I can go, but like to ride all day to make up for it.

JamieBorn in Newhaven I have been cycling around the Downs for many years now, and it is my privilege to work full time as a British Cycling Mountain Bike coach and guide at South East Mountain Biking and this has allowed me to meet so many wonderful people who have the same love of cycling both in the club and out.
Tony RowswellRide LeaderPaul SandlesRide Leader
TonyIn my teens, I was a keen touring cyclist but had not touched a bike for 50 years till last November. Since then, I have concentrated on off road and trail biking through the forest and on the Downs.

I used to like flat traffic-free routes like the Cuckoo Trail and Downs Link but then I bought an MTB e-bike, a Cube Reaction 29er, and my life has changed. The Downs are mine, I can go anywhere!
Paul Sandles
I started riding around the age of 8 and haven't stopped. I've been riding the Downs since my early 20's, and I never get bored with the views on offer, whatever the weather. So why do I ride? To keep fit, to have fun, make new friends and to enjoy the great countryside we have around this area. Read More>

Getting out riding clears my mind of all the day to day issues, whether it's grinding out a tough climb or whizzing down a fast decent or just trying to catch that your mate in front of you. Nothing beats that feeling of being out in the open air on your bike, having fun.

Dave SuttonRide LeaderMark WoodgateRide Leader
Dave SuttonI have always enjoyed cycling for the benefits of healthy exercise in good company, preferably with a café or pub stop during the ride.

I am a volunteer mechanic at Dr Bike Lewes http://www.drbikelewes.com/ , and I am always keen to do anything that will help more people get out on their bikes

I prefer road riding, but have in the past ridden a fair amount off road, including riding the South Downs Way.
I have always been into biking and though initially I was a roadie in my younger days, since the mid 90's I have been into Mountain Biking. I love getting out and enjoying the trails and hills we have all round us but I especially love seeing families getting out together and enjoying our forest so run regular monthly Forest Family rides around Friston Forest. Read More

I love showing local kids that there is a great amount of fun to be had right here on our doorstep that does not cost anything and is better for you and more fun than sitting on an XBox or Play Station all day.

Guy ReynoldsRide LeaderRoger LambertRide Leader
I am predominantly a cross country mountain bike rider. I ride for fitness and love finding new routes here on our doorstep. As a Ride Leader, I’m looking to run rides for people looking to get fitter or challenge themselves on cross-country routes, typically at a Cycle Seahaven MTB grading from 3 A to 4 C. However, I’m also happy to get involved with beginners or youth or just take you out to discover new routes. Please contact me using the Ride Leader Contact button at the top of this page if you would like to know more.I returned to riding a few years ago, encouraged by Jamie Lynch and the Friday night rides in the forest. I also Joined the Sunday Beginner/Improver ride then organised by Andy 'Gus' Lock. It could be a slightly 'thrilling' experience (going for it in the forest!) but allowances were made with humour and encouragement for my lack of fitness and skills. I hope as a ride leader I bring the same level of support and encouragement to the rides I lead.

Tim VenablesRide leaderJames Hill,Ride Leader
I spend far too much time commuting on trains and wish I could ride to work but failing that am loving getting out at weekends. With two young children my main focus will be on organising rides the whole family can enjoy but with the option of a more adventurous detour on parts of the route.
I have loved bikes since the first time I rode one when I was a kid.
I used to Race MTB in the early 1990`s all over the country then personal circumstances changed, raising a family, etc. so it was no more ; - (
Now things in life have changed again and for the past 3 years I have got back in to cycling more than ever! Read More

I absolutely love being out in the open fresh air and enjoying what we are so lucky to have around us. I do enjoy the odd XC ride but I “live” in the Forest as that is where my passion is. I have fallen in love with the trails again.
So if you ever need to find me, that`s where I will be: in the Forest doing what I enjoy the most: that`s shredding the trails of our lovely Friston Forest.

Debbie McFlyRide LeaderEllie ElizaRide Leader
I started riding about 3 years ago as a complete beginner and was enticed to join the Club by the (usually short) Thursday Night Pub rides. Since then I have increased my confidence and fitness and that has enabled me to ride The South Downs Way and I have also raced in Big Dog, a mountain bike race in Stanmer Park Brighton.
You will mainly find me on a mountain bike but occasionally I ride a road bike; usually in Triathlons. Read More

This makes me sound fast and competitive, I'm not! - my rides tend to be short, sweet and very social. Look forward to seeing you soon.

You will usually see me on my ‘ugly coloured’ single speed bike that I sometimes park in favour of my geared suspension bike to enjoy the forest trails. I am looking to lead ‘quick and dirty’ rides across the Downs to push you that extra bit further when you think you really can’t pedal anymore. Read More

I’m also looking to encourage and progress female riders and provided you don’t give me coffee or icing we are all safe! My rides will mostly be cross-country MTB at 3B to 5C levels with occasional all level rides to support the variety of members and events. Please check the grading and if unsure drop me a line.

Dave BarlowRide LeaderRicki CarverRide Leader
I started mountain biking in the 1980s and got back into the sport 2 years ago. I joined Cycle Seahaven so I could ride with others and haven’t looked back. I love the club ethics and the variety of riding which caters for everybody, irrespective of experience.
My aim is to encourage others to ride, no matter what they consider their level of riding to be; so what you waiting for? It’s a great club!
I have been riding for many years, enjoying mainly cross country but also forest single track, (especially dedicated trail centres) but also love the speed and team work of road riding. I enjoy meeting and encouraging new riders to develop their own abilities. As a Ride Leader, I normally lead one-off cross-country rides and assist with our regular rides, leading them when required. As a member of the committee, I enjoy riding with all our members.
David TylerRide LeaderHelen BlaberRide Leader
I’ve ridden bicycles since childhood and thankfully (now that I’m well into in adulthood) better bikes have become more affordable and reliable. My interest in all forms of cycling has grown in recent years. I am happy to lead MTB, Cross Country and road rides. With the exception of the most inclement winter months my preference is road riding at an intermediate level.Read More

If you've ridden on the roads but want to learn what it's like to ride in a 'train', work as a team and understand the tactics employed when riding as a group then my rides might be suited to you. Details are on the Cycle Seahaven Calendar or you can email me by using the link at the top of this page.

I LOVE off road riding. The green space, beautiful countryside (even in the rain) and the challenge of getting cross-country miles under my belt, is my meditation. However I also have a young family, so aim to organise family rides in addition. Cycling is my meditation!
Andrew StephensonRide LeaderMike WinserRide Leader
I like being out on my bike and because it's a road model, roads is where I go; enjoying the views this area offers, being out in the fresh air and the quiet. Joining the club a few years ago it's great rolling around the roads in this area with others. That's what I'm going to continue to do. if you fancy joining me please get in touch using the Ride Leader Contact link at the top of this page.
I joined Cycle Seahaven 8 months ago and haven't looked back.
I ride for fitness and love being up on the Downs in all weather's on my one fork bike, "Kermit ".
I enjoy meeting new riders and making new friends.
My rides will mostly be Cross Country MTB graded 2B to 4C levels,
but I do like a little bimble around Friston Forest single tracks when passing through.
I look forward to riding with you soon.
Sarah WinserRide LeaderJo BarlowRide Leader
I love my Mountain Bike, 'Monty'. I ride for fitness, exploring the beautiful countryside, enjoying the freedom and chasing a butterfly or two. Stopping for Tea & Cake, maybe lunch, possibly both and definitely Ice-cream. Meeting new riders and making new friends. My aim is to provide the same level of support and encouragement, that I have received since joining Cycle Seahaven in January 2017. Read More

I want to help beginners and improvers, of all ages, to develop their skills and enjoy safe riding. I'm also keen to support our team of Ride Leaders on most levels of MTB rides. I'm one-half of 'Team Winser'.

I joined the club 3 years ago, as a complete beginner, to train for my first cycle challenge - London to Paris. I gained so much knowledge, support, and friends from the club that after completing that challenge I decided to become a ride leader and give support to others just starting out. Read More

I have since accomplished many other challenges alongside other club members and I love supporting novice riders starting their cycling adventures. I'm one of the three rider leaders who benefit from the use of an e-bike, so if you are thinking of buying one I'll be happy to chat about the pros and cons of owning one.

Mark CottenhamRide LeaderMark SmokerRide Leader
I joined Cycle Seahaven around 3 years ago after a long layoff from cycling.
I like being out on my bike, riding with other members, on the road; enjoying the great views that you can only get in Sussex.
I generally lead the intermediate level road rides
Looking forward to riding with you
A road rider from the start, with a passion for hills and fast descents. A competitive side for the thrill of track racing and will push myself and others to the limit. I enjoy leading the fast sportive and intermediate club rides,(normally with my son in tow) which are aimed more at fitness and exercise but I'm always up for a bit of fun and banter. Riding in a bunch of cyclists is a rush with all the sounds of chains, gears, and voices. So no matter how far or fast the ride we never leave people behind.