Regular Sunday Beginner Rides

Roger & Paul thought it was time to reestablish the Sunday morning beginners rides where new or more cautious riders can try out and develop some very basic off-roading skills and build confidence.

The rides begin at 08:30am at the White Lion in Seaford on Sunday mornings, commencing from 10th July. Initially, these rides will take up to a couple of gentle hours – and that will probably include a coffee stop! We’ll mix up twittens with some simple off-road trails and quiet roads around Seaford.

Starting with a gentle potter round Seaford, it will be easy enough to adapt the routes over time to cater for all riders and those looking to extend their abilities and fitness. There will normally be at least 2 ride leaders in the group, so it will also be possible to separate by ability (and finish the ride together) as we extend the range and scope of our rides; but that will be for later in the year as riders naturally progress (for most riders it happens very quickly). We can help with stuff like braking, ‘ready position’, bike safety and maintenance, what to wear and the other things you’d expect to learn from your local club.


We aren’t trainers and there’s no substitute for lessons with a qualified coach. There are a number of coaches available via the web and we happily recommend Jamie Lynch for individual or small group lessons –

All riders are welcome but you’ll need something with chunky tyres. If in doubt the please get in touch – details below.

All the best and we look forward to seeing you on one of our rides.

Roger Lambert & Paul Sandles


Any questions then we can be contacted through our Ride Leader Contact Page at