Warning: Resurfacing of Lower Wick Street

Lower Wick Street has just been resurfaced between the junction with Station Rd near Arlington Reservoir and a point about 25 metres past Langtye Lane in the direction of Chalvington. The road surface is covered with loose chippings which are hazardous to cyclists for two reasons: loss of grip, especially on a road bike with . . . → Read More: Warning: Resurfacing of Lower Wick Street


Ice is clearly a hazard for cyclists. It can catch out even the most experienced of us and in late Winter the roads can be unexpectedly slippery. Also, the temperature a few miles inland can be 2 or 3 degrees lower than along the coast. As a ride leader the possibility of ice is one . . . → Read More: ICE

Prom signage changes – further works

East Sussex County Council have identified some alterations that will help improve signage and visibility on the shared path between Bönningstedt Parade and Bishopstone railway bridge.

There are a couple of circular blue signs that need to be modified over B√∂nningstedt parade. Currently these signs show shared use of the same space (looks like a . . . → Read More: Prom signage changes – further works

Riding two-abreast

Should we ride two abreast on public highways? Many road users think not, but may not appreciate the benefits for everyone in doing so.

Highway Code rule 66 includes the statement “never ride more than two abreast, and ride in single file on narrow or busy roads and when riding round bends”. The confusion for . . . → Read More: Riding two-abreast

Helmet cams and police evidence

With the reduction in price and weight of helmet cameras we are seeing more and more evidence of ‘questionable’ road use being posted to such sites as YouTube and Vimeo. At Cycle Seahaven’s meeting with our Police and Crime Commissioner (Katy Bourne) we were advised that cyclists DO NOT publish video evidence of aggressive and . . . → Read More: Helmet cams and police evidence