Touring Rides Aplenty

Cyclists at The Italian Way in Bexhill

Cyclists at The Italian Way in Bexhill

There have been touring rides aplenty in recent months thanks to the fine weather. These are rides for cyclists who prefer to cycle at a touring pace, ie an average of 12 mph whilst cycling although the actual speed can vary quite considerably during a ride. The ride last Saturday morning was an example of how speeds can vary.

It was to Bexhill and there was a strong westerly wind. We started in Seaford and headed inland through Litlington, Wilmington and Hailsham, then eastwards across the Pevensey Levels to Bexhill. As we cycled across the ‘Levels’ we had a strong tailwind and we often found ourselves travelling at 20 mph without really trying. After a café stop in Bexhill the return trip across the Pevensey Levels was much slower; it was quite hard work just to achieve 10 mph as we cycled into the strong headwind.

This ride to Bexhill was a round trip of almost 50 miles so was one of our longer rides although it always proves popular with cyclists. Normally our touring rides are between 20 and 40 miles and always include a café stop. Recently, our rides have included café stops at Horam, Heathfield, Isfield (at the Lavender Line station buffet), Shoreham Airport, Hampden Park in Eastbourne, Muddles Green, Arlington (at the Tea Gardens) and on the Pevensey Levels (at Chilley Farm café).

There are usually two touring rides a week, on Sunday mornings starting at the Martello Tower at 8.30 am and on Tuesday mornings starting at the entrance to the Seven Sisters Country Park car park in Friston Forest at 9.30 am.

In September we have a ride to Littlehampton planned which will be a round trip of about 70 miles, our longest touring ride of the year.

So, if you fancy cycling at a relaxed touring place and enjoy spending 20 or 30 minutes at a café stop then why not join us. You’d be very welcome.

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