Thursday Pub Ride Report – 4th Dec

Our Thursday pub rides were started as a bit of an experiment on 4th September this year, and last night (4th Dec 2014) was our 14th consecutive ride. To date we’ve ridden every week with only two days where it rained enough to be noticed – pretty good going for this late in the year. Last nights route was very much our easiest ride due to the usual longer off-road section being too muddy. 14 of us rode between the White Lion and the Flying Fish, with almost half the riders starting at the Denton end first. It was very cold and a few riders were caught out without winter gloves – better to find these things out on a short ride! We soon warmed up in the pub though and, after the customary banter and great company, there was the usual reluctance to leave for the return journey.

It’s about 4 miles each way and the total ride time was around 1hr 10 minutes,  so we averaged a sedate 7 miles an hour on flat,  smooth cycleways and back roads.

The next two week’s rides are twice the distance but will be taken at the same relaxed pace. No doubt we’ll still have a thirst on arrival at the pub  😉

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