Sunday Morning Ride to the Velo Café – 12 January 2014

It was a beautiful Winter’s morning – dry, a slight chill in the air and a gentle breeze blowing; good cycling weather as long as you’re wearing the right clothes for it. Six of us cycled to the Velo Café in Brighton, only about 4 weeks after our first visit to this splendid cyclists’ café.

The ride from the Martello Tower in Seaford is a round trip of 30 miles and includes the undercliff path between Saltdean and Brighton Marina, sea on one side and a chalk cliff on the other. This part of the ride is quite invigorating especially when, as it was this morning, the waves are splashing against the sea wall and the fresh smell of sea air wafts in on the onshore wind.

The ride to the Velo Café takes about 1¼ to 1½ hours at touring pace so, with a 30 to 40 minute stop at the café, the round trip takes about 3½ hours so is ideal for a Sunday morning bike ride.Cyclists and bikes hanging around at the Velo Cafe

Getting through Newhaven is much better these days as we use a route identified by Andy Lock which makes use of Valley Rd between the C7 and A259. In fact, Andy was on our ride this morning.

The Velo Café is briefly described in my previous post, Touring Ride to the Velo Café. I should add that the service is very good and a major advantage of this café is that the walls are made up of large windows, presumably bi-fold doors, so you can keep an eye on your bike whilst you’re inside. You can even hang your bike up as several of our cyclists did this morning, see picture.

I’m sure we’ll be going back there during February so, if you haven’t been to the Velo Café yet, why not join us!

Happy cycling


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