2.5c Friday Night MTB ride report 07 March 2014

At last we had a break in the weather and we managed to have our 3rd ride of 2014. I was expecting a very muddy Friston and decided to keep to lower trails knowing how muddy the top trails were a month and half ago. Despite the weather being fine on Friday, by night fall we had a strong mist soaking up every thing. We also had a new rider with us: Graham. This was going to be his first Night ride, certainly not ideal conditions, but he came fully prepared with bar and helmet lights! Ridding with us was also Roger and Paul, the other guys from our little gang were unable to join us for various reasons. We set up on the family trail up Jamies B/P and pick up the snow run then up cardiac to the moby, fairy trail down and up the gravel track to take the red down to the car park, we were out for about 1h40mn and just did under 6mls with about 1.10mn moving time. The lower trails were very slippery in places but in better condition that I expected. Every one stayed up, the filming I did was useless due to a fine mist on the waterproof camera lens and I could have done with some fog lamps as our high powered headlamps were not penetrating very well the mist! For what I understand Graham had a good time and will be joining us on future night rides.
See you on Friday weather allowing.

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