2.5c Friday Night MTB ride report 21st March 2014

The 2C ride only had two people on the night so despite the fact that it would be more demanding for Paul and I and it would slow down the 3C a little, we decided to integrate the two rides into one for safety reasons. Knowing to be a lot slower than the 3c going uphill, we did went with an head start hopping to make it up cardiac at the same time as the 3c riders. We set up a good pace and went straight from the gates to the top of cardiac in one straight run reaching the top about 5mn before the first 3c riders. After a pause to recuperate we went all down to the 3rd craters were we decided to rejoin cardiac half way up while the 3c went down to the candy canes and up again. Once at the top of cardiac it was down via stumpy higher trails , very muddy as usual then one of my favourite trail Doris and Burt then up a step as hell muddy track to a set off on new trails to me. I was surprised how most of the trails had dried up ! Of course any trails holes were still very muddy, but in all the forest was drying very nicely. This was a result as after the ride, we did not have the usual major bike cleaning session and for me it was just a matter of brushing off a little mud of the bike and tyres Fantastic.
The 2C was out for 2 hours did 9 mls in 1.24 pedalling time, not bad going.
This Friday we are hoping to be back to our 2C ride level as long as we have our safety minimum of 3 riders.
Weather so far is looking good for Friday so I hope the numbers will be up!

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