Stanmer Park ride report Monday 8th August 2011

Stanmer Park Ride report Monday 8th August 2011.

A great turn out for the ride on Monday. 6 riders to start followed by Sparksy who was late and we found later on during the ride.
We met at the T shop and headed up towards the top of stanmer park. From here we hit some sweet singletrack flowing down in to the valley and back up the other side.

Once back together we worked our way along the tree line on the perimeter of the park. Here the singletrack was slow and technical. Jumps, tree pile roll overs and stumps were a plenty. At this point both our Club Chairman and Binny decided it was time to look at stanmer park from a slightly different angle. This appeared to involve the bike and themselves being upside down staring it to darkening evening sky. Yup, that’s an over the handlebars moment. Stanmer 2, Cycle Seahaven 0.

We regroup at the main road up through the park, from here back up in to the village and out the other side. At the top of this climb we met up with Sparksy who was late and got lost to start with. From here we hit some sweet flowing singletrack, more tree roots, up and over tree piles and stumps testing the very best of the group. No ‘off’s at this stage, over a old flint wall, broken down over time, age, weather and bike. Here we headed back down in to the valley floor and them began the climb back out.

Once out of the valley, back through the tight twisting singletrack which claimed 2 of our best earlier. This time John decided to view the park from an odd angle spending some quality time with a tree. On we went, unhindered and undeterred. The light had now faded under the park tree canopy and the lights were blazing. Looking around at the riders to my side and behind we were a ‘wash’ with lumens, thousands of lumens packed the trail as the illuminated convoy once again sped towards the finish and our awaiting vehicles.

Then we went to the pub !
Great ride, great riders and great singletrack.

Without a doubt, the Cycle Seahaven team will be back to Stanmer park. Keep an eye on the calendar for future rides.
Thanks everyone for a great evening.
Chris Bunn
Ride Leader.

ESCC Meeting to discuss LSTF bids – 21 July 2011

As most members will be aware, various committee members from time to time represent the club, to campaign for improved cycling facilities in the Seahaven area.

Denis Bass (Treasurer) represented the club at a recent meeting with East Sussex County Council to discuss our priorities for possible funding from the LSTF (Local Sustainable Transport Fund). LSTF is a £560m pot of cash to be spent over 4 years on sutainable transport – walking, cycling, buses, trains, etc. More details here: LSTF

Denis focussed on the following areas of concern that would need funding to improve the facilities for cyclists in the Seahaven area.

1)  The development of the C7 cycle route, the use of the riverbank route and consideration for a cycle friendly route

2)   The need to improve the A259 Exceat hill was a high priority especially due to death and injury that has occurred over the past few years. Denis explained the clearance work Cycle Seahaven had already completed.

3)   The development of the Newhaven Centre to ensure the best route from the Ouse Estuary to a C7 route.

4)   Allow cycling on the promenade in Seaford

5)  Carry out improvements at Bishopstone Bridge by extending the cycle path from the promenade in Seaford to the Ouse estuary cycle path that proceeds to Newhaven.

6)  The need to improve the route from Gibbon Road, Newhaven to the NCN2 route at the east of Peacehaven.

7)  The need to improve the link at Saltdean through Rottingdean with Brighton.

8)  Consideration must be given to the implementation of Bike Racks on Buses. Denis commented that Brighton & Hove Buses would provide a good project from Brighton to Eastbourne.

9)  Increase the opportunity of taking Bikes on trains to and from the south coast.

We expect the results of the deliberations that will be taken by the ESCC to be to be known later this year. Watch this space, we are positive about getting some good results.