Cycles allowed on Seaford-Lewes trains at anytime

Southern Rail have labelled the route between Lewes and Seaford a ‘green zone’, which allows the carriage of all cycles at all times, including rush hour.  But there is also the caveat that ‘we reserve the right to refuse access where cycle spaces are already occupied or where services are especially busy’. This is welcome news for some, but falls short of a full solution where cycles are always accommodated on all public transport.

The full details can be found on the Southern Rail site

NICE advice – well, we like it.

The latest advice from NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) is to put Active Travel (walking, cycling) at the heart of the Health Service to help combat avoidable forms of disease.  We agree. Their 126 page document entitled ‘Walking and cycling: local measures to promote walking and cycling as forms of travel or recreation’  is available for download here: NICE Active Travel Nov 2012

Cycle Seahaven are particulary keen to see that Nice recommend that councils ‘Develop coordinated, cross-sector programmes to promote walking and cycling for recreation as well as for transport purposes,’. This is a change from the central directive that only ‘Utility cycling’ (transport to schools, work, shops) would be funded. By including recreational cycling we are more likely to see people get on thier bikes for fun, which as an outcome will lead to more utility cycling.

For regular cyclists most of this will be seen as common sense, but it’s good news to see if written down. Now that ESCC have additional funding options, Cycle Seahaven and Cycle East Sussex will refer to this NICE document when campaigning for better cycling provision within the Seahaven area.

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