2b Friston Friday night 18/10/13 ride report

Sadly I was unable to make it that evening,  so over to Nigel who very kindly did cover for me on the night.

Up Jamie’s, old jevington road, jolly part 1, 3 bomb holes, down the yellow brick road, snow run, up the fire road to a259 then red run to car park. 7.54miles 1 hr 10 mins moving.

5 Riders . Good ride but very greasy!

See you all next week.

Nigel Crush



Friston Forest 2b MTB ride report 12/10/13

Due to bad weather, we did not ride on Friday night but managed to have a day ride on Saturday afternoon. We did approx 10mls with going up cardiac one and a 1/4 times. I did a bit of video, so here is part one of our Saturday day ride. The ground was muddy and slippery in places, but it was great to see the trails in daylight. Cardiac is as hard by day that it is by night and it was more horrifying to see what kind of hardcore they have dump on it to make it less muddy: broken tiles, glass, wood and a lot more rubbish! Very unfriendly for tyres or dogs, crazy!!!!!!!!!

Winter MTB can be quite treacherous in Friston  and despite the fact that the ride is a 2b, a good  basic level of trail riding is required. We do come off and I talk from experience 🙂

Will provide a link to video we did shortly

The choice of music is always difficult as I need to use royalty free one, but I hope you like the tracks. This one is a little more mellow to show you that MTB does not always have to be fast and furious!




2B Friston Friday night 04/10/13 ride report

Another good ride for the level 2B,with a record attendance with 8 riders,  one of them being our Chairman Jamie, Josh and Nigel other ride leaders (who use to ride with me on the 3c) also participated to this evening ride. Two of our riders where new faces to the 2b with Mat (a roadie who decided to join the dark side) and Ian who is coming back to the MTB fun. We took virtually the same route as last week with the “family trail”,“Jamie’s back passage”then “snow trail” the “final descent”back to the “family trail”,”candy canes”, up “cardiac” where we joined the 3/4c group which also had  loads of riders, then the “Secret trail/stumpy”,“snow link”,“snow trail”,“final descent”, then back to the gates via the “family trail”. Great ride but muddy and slippery in places!  We did  just under 8mls with pedaling time  from 1h to 1.30h  according to the riders level . Jamie, Josh, Nigel and I took it in turn to lead and it was fun.

I did a bit of filming, so this what it’s all about!
Sound track is live, so sorry about the wind noise, heavy breathing and the language during my wipeout. 🙂


Survey Tommorow (Saturday 5th Oct) – your help needed

Does anyone fancy being able to cycle on Seaford Prom? We need your help to make it happen.

We have places that need filling on tommorrow’s seafront cycle survey rota. If you can spare an hour between 1pm and 5pm then that would fill our most urgent needs, but we could also do with people to do an hour (or more) anytime betwen 8:00am and 7:00pm

The time slots most urgently need filling for Saturday 5th Oct are:
1.00pm to 2:00pm
2:00pm to 3:00pm
3:00pm to 4:00pm

If you can help,  even for one hour,  please contact Gemma Hamilton at Seaford Town Council either by calling 894870 or email gemma.hamilton@seafordtowncouncil.gov.uk

Please see below for the instructions:

  • Please meet on the promenade at the end of Dane Road, opposite the Lifeguard hut.
  • Please arrive 5 minutes before your time slot.
  • Seaford Town Council hi-visibility vests will be provided and must be worn at all times.
  • This is a counting exercise, so 5 bar gate (tally’s) will need to be used to count pedestrians and cyclists on the promenade, road and the opposite footpath.
  • One person will count pedestrians and cyclists from the eastbound direction and the other will count pedestrians and cyclists from the westbound direction.
  • Seating will be provided and umbrellas if needed.

Original call for help was posted here