Sunday Road Ride

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14 riders were out last Sunday on the joint road ride – 8 on the Sportive and 6 on the Touring. The weather was reasonable despite the large clouds in the photo and it was great to see so many groups of cyclists out on the road. After taking different routes we all met at Arlington Tea Gardens with lots of other cyclists.

The return route for the Sportive riders took them up Bo-Peep Lane and also High & Over back to Seaford. A total of 38.5 miles @ 16.8 mph with 2025 ft of climbing.

Super Ride on Sunny Sunday

Cyclists at the Martello Tower

Cyclists at the Martello Tower

The Martello Tower in Seaford at 8.30 am on most Sundays is where cyclists from Cycle Seahaven rendezvous to commence their Sunday morning cycle rides. Today (18th May) was no exception. The weather couldn’t have been better as there was a gentle onshore breeze with wall to wall sunshine making for a comfortably warm temperature in which to cycle. Ten cyclists set-off towards Horam,  passing through Litlington,  Wilmington,  Arlington and Hailsham,  a fairly easy going ride except for Chapel Hill near Lullington. As usual,  we took a breather at the top of this hill and admired the beautiful verdant Sussex countryside;  it’s certainly looking lush and green at present,  apart from a few patches of yellow;  those being fields of rapeseed.

At Horam we headed to Wessons Café for a refreshment stop. It’s always busy on a Sunday morning,  mostly with motor bikers but it’s popular with cyclists too. Suitably refreshed,  we returned to Seaford by a different route,  mostly downhill,  passing through Muddles Green,  Chalvington,  Berwick and Lullington. It had been a round trip of about 36 miles which we completed in just over 3½ hours,  including about half an hour for a refreshment stop.

It was great to see so many people cycling along the country lanes today. I’ve observed over the past three or four years the increasing number of cyclists on our roads,  especially on Sunday mornings. It’s great to see;  let’s hope the trend continues. After all,  cycling is a healthy and sociable activity. Apart from keeping you fit it’s a joy to cycle through our wonderful Sussex countryside,  especially at this time of year.


Social Ride 5th May

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Great weather and good turnout for the Social ride around Seaford.

Check out the video.

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