Families and beginners forest ride

Saturday 2nd May at 2pm

Meet at the first forest car park at 2pm to head down to West Dean pond then up through the forest to the ‘Pump Track’ where we will stop for a rest and play at the pump track. From here we will take in a short section of the red route and Family Route before heading up to the ‘Lookout’ where we can pick up some of the easier parts of single track back down to the fire road.

This ride is suitable for families and those new to Mountain Biking and will give you a taste of the wonderful trails we have right on our doorstep!

If you are planning on coming along please register here, non-members welcome: ONLINE REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED. Pop down to the forest to register at the event.


Ride Leader:

Mark Woodgate, 07446 370005 or contact Mark by email from our Ride Leader Contact Page


**** Update: Ride report and pics are available here: http://cycleseahaven.org.uk/family-forest-ride-report-2nd-may-2015/

Thursday Pub Ride Report – 23rd April

With the traditional starting point at the White Lion, Seaford, there was a very relaxed start to this ride a feeling that the lighter evenings are finally here and we would be riding all of the outward leg in glorious sunshine to the Plough and Harrow, Littlington. Even Roger with a puncture before the start couldn’t dampen our spirits and we were soon ready to go.

Along with the regular faces we were joined by a new face Sirous, and it was good to see Alan and Richard again now becoming regulars. 17 rides at the start swelled to 19 en-route riding up Blatchington Hill, then wiggling through the residential streets of Seaford, (where are we !) to burst out in a lovely field of yellow rape. Now as ride leader I had said there will be no mechanical issues on my ride, Debbie may not have been listening as at this point her chain broke !! Never fear as Debbie and her bike where engulfed in a throng of eager mechanics !!!

What a glorious ride north up the field dotted with large white balls of wool, riding carefully to avoid small brown balls produced by the big woolly ones ! Then down a now dry and much improved track down to the High and Over Alfriston Road. Feeling confident to cross the road and ride to the river we were treated with another fantastic view down the Cuckmere meanders to the Sea. At the bottom of the hill our last obstacle was a dried ditch with a plank on one side. This did prove an obstacle but also a lesson in controlled falling!

Reaching the Plough and Harrow came the toughest decision of the evening! Is it warm enough to sit outside?? This split the group but a good time was had by all, including sending a good will group photo to Jo Barlow on her riding adventure.

Now with MY hardest task of the evening it was time to tear everyone away from the bar for the return trip, (what did Elle call me?). With lights a blazing we ride along the road to the Golden Gallon….. ow.. I mean Cuckmere Inn with some of the group diving into the forest at the Gate to the main car park. How we love the hill back into Seaford but it is so much faster now it is dry and the lovely roll back into Seaford.

If the summer continues like this I can see this ride and this group getting  bigger and bigger  🙂

Ricki trainee ride leader

Thursday Pub Ride Report – 9th April


Even  after only a few days some of the details of my first ride as ride leader are a bit hazy; nothing to do with the fact that this was a pub ride of course. As usual the banter and the jokes were mostly in the dreadful taste we’ve all come to know and love. Although conditions were dry, and it was great  to set off in daylight.

13 riders started as usual from the White Lion at 7pm – I very soon realized that the pub ride is much like herding cats as the ‘line’ broke into friendly little groups all at different speeds and some on slightly different routes – by the time we arrived at the 8 Bells there were 19 of us. There had been no more than 14 of us for 99pc of the ride – this involved a lot of counting, and recounting to allow for the late arrivals and to make sure we didn’t lose anyone – fat chance! Our ages ranged from 20 to over 70, and it was a pleasure to see Cycle Seahaven’s minutes secretary, Tony, out for his first ever Thursday night ride. And a big thank you to Mickey and Gus for their role as ‘sweepers’.

The ride covered 27Kms at a very respectable average of 14 KPH, according to my Garmin. 12 of us stayed on for ‘lemonade and crisps’ at the White Lion on our return, after the ride had finished. It was a blast!

Roger Lambert – Chair

Friston Forest update

With the recent bout of dry weather the conditions in Friston Forest are fantastic.  Why not join us on Friday night’s ride? To get a flavour of what to expect you can read our ride reports here:  http://cycleseahaven.org.uk/category/ride-reports/ride-reports-friston-forest/

… and here are some kind words from one of our recently joined members:

After some weeks browsing Cycle Seahaven website and reading some of the ride reports, I finally plucked up the courage and decided to join myself. I wish I had done this months ago! On Friday night I met the ride leader Gus and several other cyclists at “The Gate” for a night time ride in Friston Forest. Great fun and what a laugh! At 57 years old I certainly wasn’t the youngest or fittest but immediately felt part of the group.  What a great bunch of guys, can’t wait until next week!

David,  Seaford


If you fancy giving it a go but need some more detail then please contact Andy ‘Gus’ Lock from our Ride Leader Contact page: http://cycleseahaven.org.uk/contactrl/

No special skills are required. A helmet and lights are a must,  and you’ll need a mountain bike or a hybrid to get the most of out the trails. Also bring a snack and a drink.

Salts Development Consultation

The Salts Recreation Ground in Seaford is the subject of a two week consultation starting tomorrow,  2nd April. Cycling facilities are included in some of the designs on display at The Salts Café,  so pop along and have your say.

More info can be found on the Seaford Town Council website,  here:  http://www.seafordtowncouncil.gov.uk/news/The-Salts-Play-Area-Consultation-to-start-for-Easter!!.aspx

The Salts Development plan that underpins the above consultation can be downloaded from here: http://www.seafordtowncouncil.gov.uk/The-Salts-Recreation-Ground.aspx

New Inflatable Cycle Crossing at Exceat

After a successful campaign by Cycle Seahaven and Sustrans to get bicycle access from Seaford to Exceat Bridge  we’re thrilled to announce that planning permission has finally been approved for a new inflatable cycle bridge across the River Cuckmere. It has taken months of planning with local, district and national authorities to finally get approval for a cycle and wheel chair bridge from the Cuckmere Inn (Golden Galleon) carpark to the other side of the river. This vital link will connect Seaford and Newhaven to the local trails in Friston Forest, National Cycle Route 2, Eastbourne, and the international ‘Avenue Verte’ cycle route between Paris and London.

Designs for the low-cost inflatable bridge were submitted by architects and playground designers from all around East Sussex and Northern China. The final design, loosely modelled on Tower Bridge in London, was chosen by school children from Lewes.

The inflatable construction of the new bridge means that it’s unsuitable for pedestrians – the action of walking across it would case ‘harmonic distortion’, making it unstable. However the steady movement of bicycles and disabled carriages allows the low-cost and easily assembled structure to be implemented quickly and safely. Pedestrians can still use the existing bridge footpath.

Contractors have yet to be appointed, but Cycle Seahaven and local cyclists look forward to the completion of this valuable asset within the next few weeks.