RideLine no longer available

Due to supplier changes made to our ride cancellation system we can no longer operate our RideLine telephone service. To check for cancellations you must use the online calendar and look for the words **** CANCELLED **** in the ride description.

This is a bit of a blow to those of us who liked the simplicity of using a phone recording to check for cancellations, but we had no choice. Ride Leaders will always try to give as much warning as possible for cancellations but sometimes unexpected things happen. For those with smartphones you may want to bookmark the calendar page or create a shortcut to in on your screen.

The online calendar can be found at http://cycleseahaven.org.uk/calendar/


If you have any concerns or questions then please contact us from our website at http://cycleseahaven.org.uk/contact/


A Perfect Cycle Ride

Cyclists riding along Stalkers Lane on their way to Blackboys

Cyclists riding along Stalkers Lane on their way to Blackboys

We’re lucky in Cycle Seahaven as we have miles and miles of wonderful country lanes to cycle along, many having little traffic and just the occasional horse or farm vehicle to pass. Those around Ripe, Chalvington and Chiddingly are especially quiet; the hedgerows are looking magnificent at this time of year: lots of pink willow herb, blue tufted vetch, reddish-brown meadow cranesbill, not to mention an abundance of white cow parsley and verdant ferns. On a warm summer’s day it’s like a cycling paradise!

That’s what eight of us from Cycle Seahaven experienced today (Thursday). It was a perfect morning for cycling; the sun was shining and there was a slight breeze to cool us down a tad. It was a round trip of 40 miles with a refreshment stop at a new café for us: The Grove Café and Village Shop at Blackboys. Fantastic! Good tea and coffee, excellent cakes and cyclist friendly. We’ll certainly be going back there again so I’ve added it to our Refreshment List.

Cyclists at Grove Café, Blackboys.

Cyclists at Grove Café, Blackboys.

My thanks to all those who cycled with me today through this cycling paradise; great company. It was a perfect cycle ride!

Lets hope for many more.

Happy cycling,





Teach a kid to ride

This excellent video by Isla Rowntree shows us the best way to teach most kids how to ride a bike. Some key points are:

  • Avoid starting with stabilisers. These teach kids the opposite of what to do when they go onto two wheels;
  • Start with a ‘balance bike’. This is a simple sit-on bike with no pedals. Kids scoot along learning balance at their own pace;
  • Use a bike that is the right size – never too big;
  • Teach them to brake off the bike so they get the feel before riding;
  • The balls of the childs feet should be able to touch the ground (rather than being fully flat);
  • Find a big open space on flat tarmac. Grass is too difficult for the child to get momentum and balance;
  • Stand behind the bike when supporting the child under the armpits (I find it easier to hold onto their hoodie or rucksack);
  • Have fun and let them learn at their own pace.

Click on the video below to see it all in action

Tools and Bike Wash installed at The Big Park

Many thanks to Lewes District Council for installing a bike wash, fix it stand, pump and drinking fountain at Peacehaven’s Big Park (Centenary Park).

With access to National Cycle Route 2, bridleways and a café, this is an excellent venue for cyclists.


Tools, pump and drinking fountain

Tools, pump and drinking fountain


Bike wash (a hose has since been fitted).

Bike wash (a hose has since been fitted).


Regular Sunday Beginner Rides

Roger & Paul thought it was time to reestablish the Sunday morning beginners rides where new or more cautious riders can try out and develop some very basic off-roading skills and build confidence.

The rides begin at 08:30am at the White Lion in Seaford on Sunday mornings, commencing from 10th July. Initially, these rides will take up to a couple of gentle hours – and that will probably include a coffee stop! We’ll mix up twittens with some simple off-road trails and quiet roads around Seaford.

Starting with a gentle potter round Seaford, it will be easy enough to adapt the routes over time to cater for all riders and those looking to extend their abilities and fitness. There will normally be at least 2 ride leaders in the group, so it will also be possible to separate by ability (and finish the ride together) as we extend the range and scope of our rides; but that will be for later in the year as riders naturally progress (for most riders it happens very quickly). We can help with stuff like braking, ‘ready position’, bike safety and maintenance, what to wear and the other things you’d expect to learn from your local club.


We aren’t trainers and there’s no substitute for lessons with a qualified coach. There are a number of coaches available via the web and we happily recommend Jamie Lynch for individual or small group lessons – http://southeastmountainbiking.co.uk/

All riders are welcome but you’ll need something with chunky tyres. If in doubt the please get in touch – details below.

All the best and we look forward to seeing you on one of our rides.

Roger Lambert & Paul Sandles


Any questions then we can be contacted through our Ride Leader Contact Page at http://cycleseahaven.org.uk/contactrl/


2B Introductory Ride for Hybrids and MTBs

Ride report for Sunday’s 2B ride on Sunday 3rd July.

6 of us – Barry, Tim, Becky, Roy, Paul and Roger rode a loop around Seaford this morning at an average of about 8 MPH, with a mix of mostly minor roads and off-road single track. And with some lovely weather to boot!

From Firle Drive we cut through The Ridings to the perimeter off-road bit round the eastern edge of town that borders the national park, along some gentle ascents and descents and down to the Alfriston road. We decided to give the VERY overgrown track that leads to the A259 a miss and looped through the estate to the Eastbourne Road. Then via Chyngton Way, and around the farm track, we aimed for a short coffee stop at Seaford Head golf club – the views were sublime! we came back along the seafront, where  the Newhaven Lifeboat was ‘parked’ at the beach as part of a display. And back to the White Lion.

We plan to repeat this, or rides very like it, for the next few Sundays in order to give riders a chance to practice some off-roading. We can gradually extend the ride with some interesting loops and slightly more technical stuff at a pace to suit the group.

Paul Sandles & Roger Lambert

Each Ride Leader can be contacted from our website at http://cycleseahaven.org.uk/contactrl/