2B MTB and getting quicker!

 17 Miles, 800Ft, 8MPH…!

11 of us set off and soon became 13 at Denton then 15 at Newhaven…! And then the sun came out. We had plenty of ride leaders (4) for our biggest group so far and the Peacehaven loop. Unusually, we turned right after Peacehaven on the Highway down Charleston Ave (Paul’s been eyeing this up for a while) and rode parallel to the cliff top walk, then along Court Farm Road until we picked up the Marina and back along OVT to the seafront and the Martello for coffee. A really sociable, fun ride which was approx 33 per cent quicker than our first efforts earlier this year. Brilliant!!

As a reward, we plan to do Bopeep, Masts and Southease YH for coffee next week….piece of cake (I hope)

PS. Ray, a Ride Leader colleague has also come up with some ideas for the Sunday ride – details to follow.

Paul, Lesley,Roy, Roger.

Easy Cycling on Romney Marsh

If ever you want somewhere flat to cycle with plenty of quiet county roads then try Romney Marsh. Three of us did precisely that last Thursday. We put the bikes in the back of our cars and drove to Rye Harbour where there’s a large car park and, it’s free! It took just over an hour to get there.

Joe had plotted a route of a tad under 50 miles for our Romney Marsh Tour; it proved to be the easiest half century I’ve ever done on a bicycle!

We cycled into Rye (there’s a cycle path for most of the way between the harbour and town) and then along a fairly straight and flat road to Appledore for a refreshment stop at Miss Mollett’s High Class Tea Room. It was excellent and has been added to our Refreshment List.

Then, we cycled on some very quiet and narrow roads to New Romney where we crossed over the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch narrow gauge railway line and on to Dungeness; nice view of the power station! There was a gentle breeze which wasn’t a problem but it did cross my mind that on a windy day it could prove quite challenging. Being flat, Romney Marsh is rather exposed with little in the way of shelter; it’s similar on the Pevensey Levels.

A few miles later we entered Lydd Airport for a spot of lunch in Biggles Restaurant and watched a biplane practising landings and take offs. There were plans on the wall for a future expansion of the airport with a longer runway and more terminals. Perhaps we won’t need that third runway at Heathrow after all!

Then it was back to Rye Harbour and one last refreshment stop at the William The Conqueror pub (super little pub) before driving back to Seaford.

Certainly, Romney Marsh is a good place for cycling if you don’t like hills although not on a windy day!

Happy Cycling,


FRISTON forest MTB 2B Friday night ride report and 2B/3C Video

Another fantastic Friday night ride, we had 8 riders on the 2B  2nd night ride. We did a lot more that first planned as two of our riders followed the 3c by mistake during a mixed stop, we tried to catch up with them, but eventually lost them, this resulted into doing a couple more miles more than first planned. The trails were very dry and the evening very warm for a late autumn  night. Richard, one of the 3c riders did join us and very kindly acted as assistant leader making sure we did not leave anyone behind. Our pace and mileage were well above the usual 2b level, well done to everyone.  We met the 3C ride several times which allow me to film some “air time”, a little dark , but the lights do add a little magic to the film.
I love night ridding!  Hope to see you all next week, keep safe. Luc

Ride Information: 2C MTB – Friday night Friston forest

** EDIT – this is also general info for subsequent rides starting in 2017 ***

The 2C Friday night MTB ride is a couple of hours of single tracks in Friston forest and will only take place if it is not raining.  We aim to go up cardiac hill a couple of times (at a slow pace) and we do travel the same trails than the faster 3c ride.

I will inform my riders by text on the day if the weather is not to good and the ride is cancelled.

Usual requirements are:
MTB or Hybrid bike but with knobbly tyres, no ebikes, Helmet, Gloves, (would advise to wear glasses), water bottle, (would advise a small back pack, with a spare jersey/jacket), Powerful lights

Under age riders, only with a parent or guardian participating to the ride .

Note the start is by the forest gates in Friston, so riders must be able to get to it and get home by their own transport and safely.

Hope to see a few of you,
Start at 7PM
Luc, contact me via Ride leader contact page or link on the calendar.

A Superb Autumn Cycle Ride

Cyclists joining Robin Post Lane near Arlington

Cyclists joining Robin Post Lane near Arlington

Today (Tuesday) was a superb day for cycling.

It was a typical early autumn day. The morning started a bit chilly but soon warmed up and there was very little wind. The trees had started to lose their leaves but most were still green; the autumn colours are still two or three weeks away.

Our ride was different to our usual touring rides in that we departed from tarmac and used a gravel road for a change. This was Robin Post Lane between Thornwell Rd near Arlington and Arlington Road West near Hailsham. It’s only about 1.5 miles long but it’s very pleasant as it goes through Abbot’s Wood and the gravel road is quite good to cycle along if you have the appropriate tyres. Everyone had treaded tyres on their wheels, mostly 32 mm wide.

After Robin Post Lane we cycled into Hailsham to join the Cuckoo Trail to Horam where we stopped for elevenses at Wesson’s Café. After that it was back to Exceat via Muddles Green and Arlington, a round trip of 32 miles.

Some of our future rides on Tuesdays will include gravel roads and the like so, as long as you have treaded tyres of about 32 mm wide, you should be fine. Our longer touring rides, ie those on Thursdays and Sundays will not include gravel roads so should be OK for 25 mm slick tyres such as Continental Gatorskins.

We will repeat this particular ride in two or three weeks when the autumn colours have arrived. It should be fantastic.

Happy cycling,