Cycle helmet offer for CSH members

Following recent discussions about the benefits of wearing a cycle helmet people might be thinking about replacing or upgrading their own.

Freedom Bikes  are offering Cycle Seahaven members a discount on selected bike helmets.

From now until November 14th they  are offering 15% off all 2017 model Bontrager cycle helmets and 10% off all 2018 models – including pre-orders of upcoming models like the exciting new Circuit and Rally.

Most models are available with or without the MIPS insert, but we highly recommend going to a MIPS helmet to protect yourself from rotational injuries. This feature is even extended right down onto the very smallest children’s helmets.

All they ask is that you bring your CSH membership details with you to the store to qualify.

Every Bontrager product comes with an Unconditional 30-day Guarantee, so you can bring it back even if it’s been used, and the helmets each come with a 1-year free crash replacement policy!

First Aid kits. Is anyone looking to buy one?

The CSH Committee are currently looking to source First Aid Kits and Whistles for Ride Leaders. As it is cheaper to buy in bulk, would anyone else (i.e. non ride leaders) be interested in purchasing their own first aid kit and/or whistle from the club?

Following advice from experienced First Aiders we are looking to provide the following kit:

Melolin dressings (3) ,

Cohesive Bandage (1) ,

Triangular Bandage (1) ,

Plasters(5-10) ,

Gloves (2) ,

Tough cut scissors,

Safety pins(4),

Alcohol free wipes (5) ,

Foil blanket,


Saline solution(2).

The cost works out around £14 – please note – This HAS NOT been finalized yet and DOES NOT include any kind of pouch/bag. We are looking at possible dry bags which cost around £5 each. We would also be looking at keeping some stock available for ‘top ups’.

Instant Ice Packs are to be discussed as many of these just require a squeeze to set in motion and may accidentally be ‘set off’ if squashed into a kit bag.

Please leave comments below if interested or contact Tracey Martin using the  committee contact page here.


What did a Cycle helmet ever do for me?

If you have ever doubted the protection provided by a cycle helmet this might reassure you? The rider was concussed but did not suffer any major head injury. Always wear a helmet. It could save your life.

The Kent Coast Viking Trail


Three members of the Touring Section and one guest rode the Kent Coast Viking Trail this week.  You can find the route we took here .

The 32 mile route follows the Kent Coastline around it’s eastern limits, it is predominantly flat or easy hills, with a large proportion of the ride on shared traffic free paths, quiet country lanes and a short distance on seafront roads.

The route is extremely well marked and easy to follow. On our grading system it would be a level 3B ride. I would recommend the route as suitable for families if the riders are competent to use the road sections. There are many pubs and cafes along the route.

From the car park at Minster, the route heads to the coast at Reculver, The route passes through Reculver and then follows the Sea Wall to Westgate, on to Margate, then Broadstairs where we stopped for lunch.

The Abbey Ruins at Reculver and the view across the Thames Estuary



After lunch we headed and Ramsgate where there is a replica Longboat, before turning inland to the start point near Minster

Viking Longboat at Ramsgate                                              Spitfire and Hurricane Memorial


On completion of the ride we visited the Spitfire and Hurricane Memorial (Free Entry) and Manston Museum (Adult Entry £2) at the now closed Manston Airport (Former RAF Manston). These two museums are well worth the visit.


Happy Cycling Dave






Club member competes in the Special Olympics

A lot of Seahaven members will know one of our riders, Mickey Hughes, an ‘ enthusiastic’ 22 year old rider regularly seen out on the hills and tracks! What you may not know, is that Mickey, who is autistic, recently took part in the UK National Special Olympics which took place in Sheffield, over the course of a week in August.

Mickey proudly came home with 2 Bronze Medals, one for the 10k and one for the 15k time trials! He also came a very respectable 4th in the 25k, finishing just 2 seconds behind the winner, a very exciting race!  Unfortunately, television coverage of the games was extremely limited, but Mickey managed to get himself in the background of a 10 second slot on the national news!

Following on from his success in the games, Mickey has been asked by the Special Olympics South East Region, to put himself forward for possible selection for the ‘World’ games in Abu Dabi in 2019! I’m sure that everyone in the club wishes him all the very best of luck with his application: he will find out if he’s been selected in January 2018.

Mickey, along with his mum and dad, Lynn and Jim, would like to say a huge thank you to everyone in the club for all their help and support shown to him since joining the club.

The Sussex Ways Ride for Fun

The Sussex Ways Ride for Fun – Den’s CS 100 Mile loop from Seaford via an Overnight stop in Pound Hill, Copthorne and Gatwick

Denis Bass (Den) designed, mostly pre-rode and led a ride to include the Cuckoo Trail, NCN21, Forest Way, Worth Way and the Downs Link in a 2 day mix of off-road, and country lane riding. With additional thanks to David and Jane for devising the initial route from Three Bridges southwards. There were 7 of us; Sue, Mike, Jane, David, Hilary, Den and me. David rode lantern rouge on the way north and I took that role on the southward leg. The weather was kind to us to say the least!

A Friday night briefing at Denis and Sharon’s plus some lovely food and drink and meeting with some new friends and co-riders.

Saturday – Day One….54.2 miles, 3,471ft, average 9.3MPH.

Like so many great rides we set off at 8am for a leg warmer up the concrete track to Bopeep. Then it was straight down the other side via Arlington, a brief puncture stop and the Cuckoo Trail. Then Coffee at Wessons, obviously. After Heathfield the climbing was a bit more serious.

I was very impressed when we rolled in to Eridge for our 1pm lunch stop at the Huntsman about 3 minutes earlier than planned…! People worked hard and Den kept us to the timetable.

There were still climbs aplenty after Eridge but it felt like we soon entered the  Worth Way/Forest Way trails on the way in to Three Bridges and Crawley. Three of us also added a quick blast after the Worth Way round Grattons Park to David and Jane’s place for a convivial and very welcome supper at Jane and David’s.  I mention this because I was surprised (pleasantly) at the amount of green space and rideable trails actually in the greater Crawley area. (Don’t prejudge eh?)

NB like all the best CS ride leaders when Den says ‘It’s mostly downhill from here’ he means ‘It’s mostly uphill from here.’

Sunday – Day Two …..53.4 miles, 2,089ft, average 9.5MPH

An 0830 start and a puncture out of the garage for one of us – soon fixed ahead of our rendezvous by the A22 (and a helping hand for a passing rider who was new to gears!) and on through the suburbs of Crawley; Three Bridges, Broadfield, Tilgate etc etc. David and Jane’s route took us (over some short sharp bumps in the road) past the ultra manicured Manning Heath Golf Course which looks more stately home than sporting amenity…and via Hammerpond Woods to Clearwater Country Park and a coffee stop (who said Grand Tour?). We took the Downs Link from here and though delayed a little by punctures arrived in plenty of time for lunch in Shoreham.

We nearly missed a turn in Shoreham but a generous roadie pointed us in the right direction and rode a short way with Den and Mike, just to make sure we would find NCN2: probably thought he’d keep it simple for mountain bikers on that unfamiliar tarmac stuff. By now the sun was out but, surprisingly, the Brighton seafront seemed a bit quieter than usual from kamikaze pedestrians determined to walk in front of the bikes. And back to Seaford for 5.30pm on a lovely evening and a quick catch up. Last but not least a group hug for Sharon who toted our overnight bags.

Everyone contributed to two full days of riding – with plenty of banter, mutterings about steep hills, the usual questions about the ride leader’s parentage – or sanity –  (joking, honestly) and lots and lots of positive effort to encourage each other over the lumpy bits. I loved it!

We look forward to another similar ride

Roger Lambert

Cyclists – ringa dat bell

A recent incident at Piddinghoe on a public road in which a pedestrian was knocked down by a cyclist failing to give audible warning has highlighted the need for cyclists to give clear warning of their approach.

The incident in question, we are sure, did not involve any member of Cycle Seahaven but with increasing numbers of shared routes, cycleways and bridleways, members will frequently encounter pedestrians, children, dogs, etc.

The Highway Code does not stipulate that bells must be used. It states: “Be considerate of other road users, particularly blind and partially sighted pedestrians. Let them know you are there when necessary, for example by ringing your bell.”

While the law states that bells have to be fitted to bikes in the shop, there is no legal requirement to keep them on or use them.

Bells remain, however, one of the easiest ways to alert pedestrians of your approach. In particular the high pitched note travels well and may be more audible to those who may have restricted hearing. Warning given in plenty of time can do much to prevent what could be a serious accident to cyclists or others.

So keep your bells on and keep them ringing.

Chia bars. Orders being taken now (20% discount for club members)

Following the last bulk buy of Chia bars by the club, I’ve had requests to repeat the order. If you want to buy any please contact Guy Reynolds using this link stating what bars you need and how many. Alternatively, add your name below the post on the CSH  Facebook Group page.  Sea Salt, Banana or Cranberry bars can be mixed into any combination of a box you like. Chia Charge also make the following energy bars click here  All Chia bars can be ordered at a 20% discount to club members. Payment on collection, please.

Chia Charge

Livestock – please shut the gate

There’s more livestock up on the Downs at the moment as we go into Autumn and it is important to shut gates when you go through them.

It’s tempting to just let the gate swing back on its own weight or give it a shove and hope but please make sure it’s latched closed when you leave it.


There is a perception among local farmers that MTB riders are less good at shutting gates than walkers – they think we just want to get on, not get left behind by a group if we’re at the back etc. It’s important that we’re seen to be doing the right thing so please make an effort to ensure gates are secure when you leave them.

If you find a gate that’s damaged or blocked and it’s on a public right of way then you can report it and, if it’s within the East Sussex boundary, it will be dealt with. There’s a form here

Let’s try and avoid annoying the people that manage it and earn a living from it