21st August 2015 Friday night Friston MTB ride report.

Friday night Friston MTB ride. 21st August 2015
Looks like we are back on track, we had 8 riders this evening with another one joining us later on. The weather conditions were very good if not a little warm this evening, registering 23 degrees when we got there. We were late leaving has we had to sort out some lights for two new riders, in fact, we had quite a few new faces this evening. Roy assisted me as ride leader assistant and made sure no one was left behind. We went straight up Cardiac, down the Bomb Crater Run then up cardiac past Moby and took a left , then left again to join the Snow Trail, then Final Descent. Every one did very well, we were out 1hr 30mins and did 7.6 miles with 1h 9mins pedaling time.

If you are planning to ride with me regularly, please email me your mobile number so that I can text you on the day to confirm that we are riding. Don’t forget to recharge your lights after each ride if you want to keep the battery in good condition and if you don’t want to end up in the dark in the middle of  your next ride.

See you all next week and stay safe. Luc


Snapshot 1 (22-08-2015 7-12 AM) Snapshot 3 (22-08-2015 7-16 AM) Snapshot 4 (22-08-2015 7-28 AM) Snapshot 5 (22-08-2015 7-36 AM) Snapshot 6 (22-08-2015 7-38 AM)

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