2B Friston Friday night 20/09/13 ride report

Just 3 of us on this lovely autumn evening! The 3-4C ride had 4 riders and they set up about 10mn before us. We took Jamie’s B-P  to pick up the snow run, once down it was up cardiac with a couple of stops for two of us me included. At the top we decided to take the secret trail and pick up one of the trails leading to the snow run. The top like was very slippery made worth for me by running my tyres a little too hard. After a front wheel wipe out and a landing in some thorns covered area, I was advised by Roger, to maybe  deflate a little my tyres. What a great idea!!!!! I did so and the mud started to feel a little bit more like mud instead of ICE! and I manage to have a more stable ride. We branched off the secret trail  and kind of managed to loose our self on an unknown trail which went on for miles.  Despite not knowing where we were going, we thoroughly enjoyed it, thinking this is great, it goes on for ever but we eventually emerged near the start of the snow run. Nigel identified this trail as “Dave Knows Best” fantastic, we will do it again. Once down after the 2nd run of the snow run we headed back to the car park. We did 7.7mls in 1h 20 pedaling time and we must have been out for about 1h45, so again a gentle 2b pace. Great evening and a great ride, let hope for some more dry weather.

Hope to see a few more riders next week, will probably do the same route as we all enjoyed it .

Best Luc

No wonders why after letting my front tyre down, the bike did handle a lot better, all I had was 22psi in my RacingRalph, lower advised pressure with inner tube is 26psi. Have now changed to winter tyres MUDX minimum pressure is 30psi, got themj at 32 so will see next week! 🙂




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