2B Friston Friday night 27/09/13 ride report

What a fantastic ride, weather and trails conditions where spot on. 5 riders on the night , the 3/4c also had plenty as we did meet them on the trails. We took the same route as last week but our small pack managed to get separated in two packs due to wrong turn on the “snow run”,  we kind wasted a little time trying to find each other  but luckily enough, we all regrouped on the top of cardiac. This highlighted the need for ride members to have each other mobile numbers to be able to communicate if need to.

We did  just under 10mls in 1.33h (pedaling time) and where out for about 2 hours.Best


Update on 2B route thanks to the FF ST MAP

From the gates we took “family trail”, “Jamie’s back passage then snow trail” where we go separated, falling back on the “secret trail/stumpy” then rejoined  the “final descent” back to the “family trail”,” candy canes”, up “cardiac” where we regrouped then down “Secret trail/stumpy”, “snow link”, “snow trail”, “final descent”, “family trail”, up the “gravel track”  and down the “red route” to the car park.

A1 RIDE!!!

trail ID thanks to: http://www.sxmtbstmaps.co.uk/content/files/FFMap.pdf


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Andy Lock
28th September 2013 10:45 am

The level 3 ride had 9 of us, led by Ben Woodward (aged – 11) and Nick Cole (aged – old enough to know better). Route was: Jamie’s Back passage; head North and climb up to Stumpy; up Stumpy the ‘wrong way’ to the Old Jevington Road; and finally reach the top of cardiac. Crater run (all four), and down to R&H via OS crater. Back up to the top of Cardiac and do Fairy.… Read more »