2B Friston Friday night MTB ride videos

Guys and Girls, just a reminder of what you are missing on a Friday night! This was the first 2B ride for 2016, only two riders so we went out with the 3C. Here are 3 short films of parts of our ride. You will see from the speedometer on the filming that I don’t exactly go fast, so if you are tempted to give it a go, let me know, we are out every Friday night unless raining, proper off road lights are cheap now and by prior arrangement, I can lend you one for your first ride with us to see if you like it. A minimum fitness is required as we are out for around two hours and do have some hills to climb before we can enjoy the downhill single tracks. For the moment Friston is fairly muddy so winter knobbly tyres are required. If you are interested contact me via email.

3 short videos of part of our latest ride with 3C riders. Film start from Mobby Dick and includes “Snow Run” and the “Final Descent”

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