2B Improvers in Friston Forest

2B Improvers In Friston.

14 of us repeated most of last week’s route up Cardiac and back down the Gallops, with the addition of just a little bit of downhill single track – Snow Run last segment (Final Descent?) – before we picked up the  Galleon Fields slope via the car park.

A really pleasant ride that also shows how repetition can help with technique and confidence. Without prompting, one rider – first time to the top of Cardiac in one go – said how important it was to manage breathing.  And you still kept a whole ‘granny’ ring in reserve. Wow! Someone else said they were traffic phobic to the extent that a year ago the bike was hardly ever used – not so now. And the same rider also found how a bit more momentum over the roots helped with balance and confidence. Our two new  riders really enjoyed the downhills – maybe they’re passing through on the way to 3/4C…?

NB We had the 2-way radios which were very handy for keeping the ride together when we had a mechanical at the back of the group.

It was especially pleasing to have a guest who’d come all the way from Shoreham and 2 other Brighton based riders. We hope to see you all again, often.

Here’s a video that most of us will never emulate but note how the dropped heals at about 57 secs in to the video help with grip and balance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWEMfvfO3DA

16.5 Miles, 1300 feet, average 7.5 MPH.

Roger and Roy

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Andy Lock
Andy Lock
27th April 2017 10:24 am

14 Riders!? That’s a lovely sized group. And that’s a pretty good pace for improvers, too. Great to see new riders being shown the local bridleways, highways and byways so they have the knowledge and confidence to strike out on their own, and/or to stay with the club to progress onto longer rides.