2b MTB Friston night ride report

Could not be more different that last week, mild  night around 8 celcius, the ground was very soft  and the section between the gates and the Westdean pond should be renamed as “mud alley”. This was the worth that I have ever seen it, the camber which is supposed to drain the rain water  is great except that they must have resurfaced the centre section with clay!. The mud tyres were doubling in size and fork clearance were reduced to nothing with front and rear wheel stooping due to mud build up.  The rest of the ride was good but with some hard going section due to mud  or the trails having been destroyed by heavy plant machinery as work is been done on the top east side of cardiac. We had just 3 riders plus Gus from the 3b as none of his riders turn.  We were out for just over 2 hours , with a moving time of  1.17h, the rest of the time spend digging the mud out of our forks and frames. We did 7.7mls.  Please note,  I can not make it on 3rd of Feb. If you do want to ride, please confirm with Gus prior to the ride as he will cover for me if needed. Use the link on the 3b ride in our calendar.  Be safe Luc


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mike winser
mike winser
29th January 2017 7:12 pm

Thanks Luc for Friday night, see you week Friday.