2B MTB Improvers via the Coach Road

Fifteen of us completed the ride last Sunday morning. Following a scenic spin up to Bopeep and a bracing brakes-off run down the road from Firle Borstal car park – a first time for some of us – to the track at the bottom, we then turned on to the Old Coach Road and followed our noses to Alfriston. The description of our route as ‘undulating’ was questioned by some, who preferred ‘very hilly!’

The weather wasn’t especially clement – chilly and breezy on the top but then warmer under the shelter of the trees – but at least we missed the rain. Once again it looked like there were plenty of PBs including the road ride to our left turn at the (former?) YHA hostel, before we dropped down to the footbridge and along the Litlington road back to our re-grouping point at the pub.

In Litlington we met, briefly, the 4D and Helen’s Birthday Ride groups, looking purposeful, on a day when there were a further 3 road rides. That’s a lot of rides!

Couldn’t help but notice the sheep field was despatched a bit more casually and with more bunching than usual. Getting faster.

So, if my Garmin would give up it’s secrets, which it won’t for some reason, I’d pass on the ride data – distance, feet climbed, average speed. I’m guessing we did about 16/17 miles, climbed over 1000 ft and averaged maybe 7 mph???


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5th May 2017 11:47 am

A great Sunday ride. Thanks again to Roger, Roy and Paul for putting up with us!

Andy Lock
3rd May 2017 2:49 pm

For a flat route designed to be favoured by horse & coach, it’s quite hilly. But, it’s still one of my favourite routes.
it is a shame that this byway stops at West Firle, rather than carrying on to the A26 through Newelm (as shown on the ESCC Rights of Way map) – it could have been developed into a great link to Egrets Way.


3rd May 2017 2:42 pm

A really good ride. Thank you Ride Leaders for organising such an interesting route.