2b or perhaps 2c? Sunday MTB ‘Beginners’ ride

9 of us set off in a stiffish breeze from the White Lion as the rain threatened, and we got a bit damp as we passed along the OET and through Newhaven. By Piddinghoe  we had been joined by 1 more rider who brought dryer weather for the remainder of the ride! it was great to have another joinee further up the Dean’s Farm track – and 11 of us headed for the Gateway cafe at Peacehaven Sports Park and, for some of us, a full English; nothing that a quick ride on the Downs wouldn’t burn off of course!

Two of us took the slightly shorter route to the cafe and it was great to see how maintaining a steady cadence in a low gear smashed a short sharp rise with a broken surface that looked ‘too hard’ – even allowing for a slightly impatient motorist to get past…!

NB. We talked bike repairs and what to carry on a ride and looked at the different kit in our backpacks – if you are on your own it’s felt that the minimum kit to carry is a puncture repair outfit, a pump (and ideally a tube). Brief reminder then that a 27.5″ MTB tube also works perfectly well in a 26″ or 29″  MTB wheel – just make sure you have the right valve (if in doubt check with a ride leader or your LBS BEFORE making a purchase).

We returned via Searle Avenue, the A259 cycle route and eventually Valley Road and OET. By agreement, the ride concluded at Coastguard Cottages on Seaford seafront.

We averaged so nearly 8 MPH on the ride on Roger’s Garmin we’ll take that! We’ll always try for a pace we can all manage on these rides but average speeds are increasing naturally as fitness and confidence are growing…!

Roger & Paul

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