2b to the Gates – BP Beckons

7 of us this morning did the Firle Road, round the back, sheep field and up to (almost) Bopeep route. Not a quick ride but ample stops for refining bike adjustments with Paul and some skills practice. It was interesting this morning how some of us found how different bikes can feel ‘better’ and instil confidence on the slopes – especially where good brakes and tyres are concerned and the right seat height. It’s also easy to take some things for granted – eg. so we spent a little time chatting about and demo’ing starting off on hills. More of that to come.

On our return, the sloping sheep field after the double gate provided a grassy, open space for practicing the ‘ready’ (‘attack’) position. It was interesting to hear how standing with slightly flexed knees and dropped heels is akin to some of the skills taught in horse riding for balancing the horse…!  Who knew?

We put some of the new skills in to practice on the way back to the Salts cafe, where the coffee break was at least sheltered – a shortish, slowish but really enjoyable ride.

Next week, Peacehaven… and beyond! PP RIDE 2016-09-04 001

Roger & Paul

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