50miles and 4 big hills

Sunday looked like rain but with Andy, Ian, Mark and myself on the road it dare not, or that’s what we thought.

Having suggested we do a 50mile ride, we all set off for the hills and reaching Beachy Head in good time against a strong head wind. After that we settled in to a train doing a respectable 19+mph into Pevensey and on to Hailsham with Andy taking the lead up Grove hill for a stop at Horam. This is where Mark Fisher told us the wonders of climbing the Alps and Ian Everett taking it all in ( I’m sure he will love to hear more ).

Unfortunately we missed Roger White but with a report of rain on the way, the direct route home was on the cards. With everybody chasing Ian we soon approached High and Over, wonder who was up first.

FAB ride guys and with 4 big hills with a average of 16mph over 45miles.

Mark Smoker

Published in the calendar as:
Road 4C (30,40 or 50 to Horam), Sunday 19th May 8am
A good pace ride to Horam for tea, the route will depend on who turns up and how many hills you would like to do.

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