2B Sunday Morning Beginners Ride

This Sundays ride saw the beginners group and the intermediate group set out together for a relaxed poodle along Seaford seafront to the car park at Tidemills, where the groups split. This left the beginners ride with 17 of us heading for the youth hostel cafe at Southease. A second beginners group was to follow on behind as afew riders were running late. We carried on to Newhaven and then along the riverbank to Piddinghoe where we passed the intermediate group, nothing to do with the speed we were riding at, more to the fact they had all stopped as one of them had picked up a puncture. Shortly after this one of our group also picked up a puncture, however the main group carried on whilst the puncture was repaired, thanks Gus for coming to the rescue.

After a short hop on the C7 we joined the Egrets Way to Southease, having made good time we were to early for the café, so we carried on up the Erget Way until the hard packed surface ended. Turning round we rode back to, and over the bridge crossing the river Ouse and on to the Cafe. The look on the poor waitress’s face when see saw all 17 of us ride up was a picture, a mixture of surprise and fright. Shortly after arriving the second group turned up – all 8 of them…. WOW We couldn’t believe it 25 riders on our beginners ride – a record – as you can see from the photo.

After coffee and cake we returned via the same route, back to Seaford, where people split off at different points to head home, hopefully having enjoyed a very pleasant mornings ride.

I would like to add a personal thank you to those ride leaders & more experienced riders who assisted me on this ride. It is greatly appreciated.  

Paul Sandles


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  1. Sarah Miller-Cook
    Sarah Miller-Cook says:

    This was my first ride out with the club having been a member of the club for over a year. Going for the rest time on my own was daunting and I was worried that I was going to hold people back but I finally plucked up the courage to go. How wrong was I. The group was lovely and the ride went at a pace suitable for all riders. Some people rode ahead but there were regular stops for everyone to regroup and no one was left behind. Gus rode at the back as a sweeper so anyone who was at the back of the pack wasn’t left on their own. Everyone was very friendly and just keen to encourage people to come back and cycle again. I cannot recommend this club enough and will definitely be out on the beginners rides again soon. Thank you to everyone who made me feel so welcome.


    p.s That’s me grinning like a Cheshire Cat at the front on the right hand side! 😀

  2. Roger Lambert
    Roger Lambert says:

    What a fantastic turnout; and such a clear endorsement of the values of our club – sorry I couldn’t be there but sooooooo looking forward to being back in the UK and on the bike.

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