A Superb Autumn Cycle Ride

Cyclists joining Robin Post Lane near Arlington

Cyclists joining Robin Post Lane near Arlington

Today (Tuesday) was a superb day for cycling.

It was a typical early autumn day. The morning started a bit chilly but soon warmed up and there was very little wind. The trees had started to lose their leaves but most were still green; the autumn colours are still two or three weeks away.

Our ride was different to our usual touring rides in that we departed from tarmac and used a gravel road for a change. This was Robin Post Lane between Thornwell Rd near Arlington and Arlington Road West near Hailsham. It’s only about 1.5 miles long but it’s very pleasant as it goes through Abbot’s Wood and the gravel road is quite good to cycle along if you have the appropriate tyres. Everyone had treaded tyres on their wheels, mostly 32 mm wide.

After Robin Post Lane we cycled into Hailsham to join the Cuckoo Trail to Horam where we stopped for elevenses at Wesson’s Café. After that it was back to Exceat via Muddles Green and Arlington, a round trip of 32 miles.

Some of our future rides on Tuesdays will include gravel roads and the like so, as long as you have treaded tyres of about 32 mm wide, you should be fine. Our longer touring rides, ie those on Thursdays and Sundays will not include gravel roads so should be OK for 25 mm slick tyres such as Continental Gatorskins.

We will repeat this particular ride in two or three weeks when the autumn colours have arrived. It should be fantastic.

Happy cycling,


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