A27 East of Lewes – Cycle Seahaven reposnse

The consultation for the improvements to the A27 is now closed (on 8th Dec 2016). Cycle Seahaven responded to the consultation to ensure that non-motorised traffic could safely use and cross this main highway.

The summary of our response based on feedback from members, committee and Cycle East Sussex is:

Many of our club rides make use of the extensive network of bridleways on both sides of the A27 necessitating in the need to cross this busy road to continue to the villages, roads and bridleways on the other side. There are some particular crossings where we would like to see such cycling provision: Firle; Middle farm; Selmeston; Drusillas; Wilmington. Without such crossing points there is a real risk  to cyclists, pedestrians and drivers because individuals often have to dash across the road or risk hovering half way waiting for a break in the opposing traffic. Whilst we understand that traffic needs to flow freely we would argue without safe crossing points communities are segregated and people excluded from visiting areas they would choose to go. Central reservations help but on a fast flowing road like the A27 the risk to novice riders, children, less able pedestrians and mobility scooters is significant and any collision is likely to have a very serious impact on traffic flow (as recent road closures have demonstrated). Ideally, controlled crossings would be installed at the locations mentioned above because, in our view, they would provide the following benefits for ALL road users:

  1.  Safety would be improved for drivers of vehicles, pedestrians and cycle users as the risk of serious collision would be greatly reduced. The risk of major traffic congestion or the closing of the A27 as a result of a collision is  also significantly less.
  2. Communities and vulnerable people would be less segregated with greater benefits for tourists and visitors to East Sussex (cycle and pedestrian links to tourist attractions such as Drusillas, Middle farm, South Downs Way, Rail services, etc)
  3. Pedestrian crossings operate on an on demand basis and only restrict the free flow of traffic when there is a need to do so. The majority of the time vehicle users would be unhampered by their operation.
  4. Improved linking of existing cycle routes on both sides of the A27 building on the investment already made by the county to improve health, reduce pollution, etc.

To read our full and detailed response you can download a copy here: Our response

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