Heading towards the aerials above Firle Beacon

Rides to suit everyone.

You can find details of forthcoming rides and events on our Club Calendar which is kept up-to-date by our ride leaders.

We have a Grading System to help you decide if a particular ride is suitable for you. Each ride on the Rides Calendar has a grade such as 3B. The number indicates the level of cycling experience at which the ride is aimed and the letter is an indication of the type of terrain that the route covers.  This is regularly updated, sometimes with last minute additions, and is essential for checking for cancellations due to severe weather.  We include details such as the ride leader’s name, grade of ride, the meeting place and time, and a brief description of the route. The rides are listed as a summary, but you can click on each one to see more detail.

We have a list of rides with maps and terrain details which you can find at Cycle Routes. If you fancy doing a particular ride that is not listed, then contact us with your ideas – we’re keen to expand our knowledge of local routes for all abilities.

We appreciate that joining a cycling club and taking part in an organised ride for the first time can be a daunting experience. Therefore, you may find the list of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) helpful in addressing any concerns that you may have.

Safety Disclaimer

Cycle Seahaven Ride Leaders and Committee try to make its rides and other activities as safe as is reasonably practicable. However, cycling cannot be risk free and has some potential danger.  We are not a professional concern, just amateurs inviting other club members and friends to join us for a ride.

Every rider must be responsible for their own safety and judge whether they and their equipment are fit to take part.  Please see the full text of the Disclaimer HERE

We’re a friendly bunch and feel sure that after you’ve done your first ride with us then you’ll want to do more of them.