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It is a Marmite Thing – SS UK 2018.

Riding without gears isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some do it for fitness, others for ease of maintenance and a few are just plain bonkers. We are lucky to have a high number of Single Speed (SS) riders in Cycle Seahaven but let’s face it, we aren’t an average club. Even more impressive is the […]

Your Club Needs You!

We desperately need your help on 29th July! Some of you may have read about the Big Park Cycle Hub in the summer edition of the club’s newsletter. Cycle Seahaven benefited from the funding provided by this project which included, amongst other things, access to E- bikes, Dr Bike tool kits and loan bikes. On […]

Strava – Are you protected?

Strava is a great tool, most of the riders I know in the club use it. However, it can be used for more sinister reasons. If you don’t apply some simple precautions anyone can view your profile. It will show them where you live, any pattern of activity and if you’ve described your bike, what […]

E bike conversions

Are you considering purchasing an E-bike but you can’t bear the thought of not being able to ride that fantastic bike you been using for years? Mr Cycles in Seaford, has a solution. They can convert your old bike in an E-bike for a fraction of the cost. The conversions use crank-drive kits that are […]


The next time you’re on a club ride have a look around and see if you can spot anyone staring at a plant, discussing historic sites, marvelling at geology or chasing butterflies. It’s just possible you’ve found a South Downs National Park Ambassador. These strange creatures are found all along the South Downs Way and […]

Help us to help you (carry an I.C.E card).

There has been some interesting debate in the club recently about data protection and ride leader access to In Case of Emergency (ICE) details. If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident or suffer a medical episode we may need to contact a nominated person to advise them on your whereabouts (or to recover your bike). Ride leaders have been provided with ICE cards for you to complete and carry when out riding. If you haven’t […]

Local rides from schools to the beach

Sustrans are working with Sussex Wildlife Trust in Seaford, offering led rides from local schools to the beach. This is part of their wider Active Access for Growth project and Sussex Wildlife Trusts Wild Beach project, which encourages children to hop on their bikes and explore their local environment. As a result, Sustrans are looking […]

Peacehaven Centenary Cycle Hub

On Friday 23rd February Peacehaven Council will be launching a promotion of their new Centenary Cycle Hub, at The Meridian Centre, between 9 and 4pm. The event is to promote the new Hub, with exhibitors bringing adapted cycles to try out, revolving around anything Accessible – bikes, charitable causes, community focussed or health-related. The Mayor will be […]