Big boost for CSH nominated charity!


There’s no denying that  COVID-19 has seriously curtailed Cycle Seahaven’s activities and that in turn has led to reduced opportunities to support the club’s nominated charity, Seaford’s Down Syndrome and Special Needs Support Group (SDSSNSG).
Tracey Martin, decided something needed to be done and that it was time to substitute two wheels for two wings and a propeller. The idea of a charity skydive had been born. Now Tracey is not scared of danger as anyone who’s seen her fast MTB descents towards five bar gates can testify, but for this she needed a sidekick.
A quick phone call to another club member (who happened to be in a bar at the time) resulted in a commitment to join the venture. All they needed now was sponsorship, good weather and a lot of courage.
However, fate was to intervene. Tracey’s side kick just ‘happened’ to fall off his bike and injure his shoulder. A replacement Lemming was required. Enter the equally terrified Kirstie Forcey, who bravely decided to stand in for the injured rider (who made a miraculous recovery the day after she volunteered).
The two set about getting sponsorship for the charity  from other club members, family and anyone too terrified to say ‘no’.
The jump was set for Sunday, 20 September and despite numerous rain dances, sacrifices to the weather gods and hopes of a global aviation fuel shortage, the conditions were perfect.
Tracey and Kirstie were dragged up to Headcorn Parachute Club by a group of supporters and handed over to the Tandem Instructors. There was no escape.
Having been briefed on the social distancing requirements and landing techniques required to ensure they didn’t plough up the landing area the two boarded the aircraft.
The flight to altitude (12,000 feet or just over 2 miles up) must’ve set their hearts racing. Whilst the spectators on the ground couldn’t see their faces they could still hear the swearing until the pair exited the aircraft.
Even the 120 mile an hour freefall couldn’t muffle the screams until their canopies opened at 5000 feet. Phew!
Now tandem instructor’s can be cruel and with their ears still ringing it was time for revenge. Pulling down a toggle they put the girl’s canopies into violent spins (they would have experienced less G Force in a washing machines spin cycle)  before both made surprisingly graceful landings on the airfield.
They had done it, they looked green,  but they were elated and they hadn’t been sick. The children of Kent had learnt some new swear words and SDSSNSG are (currently)  £1,377:50 better off.
Well done both of you! Those that were there know just how much courage you plucked up to do the Skydive.
It is not too late to add to this total and if you’d like to contribute to the club’s charity please click on this link, contact Tracey or Kirstie or drop a few coins into the Dr Bike collection box. Let’s boost the club’s contributions to our nominated charity!

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