To ensure that your ride goes without problems it is essential to ensure that your bike is in top condition. Here are some tested suggestions on how to do it:


Safety begins with the road-worthiness of your bike.  A few simple checks before you start could save you an awful lot of trouble.

The “ABC Check” is the best way to check quickly before every ride. The “M-Check” used regularly, say once every month or two months, will ensure that you cover the essential parts to give long term safety.

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Oiling bike chains

The bicycle chain is arguably the most technically advanced piece of engineering on a bicycle, but it gets very little respect from some people. Without a chain it would not be possible to have gears, and to be able to go fast as we do we’d still be stuck on big-wheeled Penny Farthings.

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Worn bike chains

Looking after your chain will help it last longer, but at some point it will wear out. Chains don’t actually stretch – the rollers and pins wear out making them loose, so under pressure they are able to move apart. If left unchecked it can accelerate wear on other components.

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This is your most intimate point of contact with your bike and having the right saddle, correctly set up is most important for your comfort and safety.

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Correctly inflated tyres will last longer and give better performance.

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Most cycles will have derailleur gears and their correct set-up is crucial to an easy ride.

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