Bike Re-cycling Project

From 1st January 2017, the Mr Cycles (Seaford) and Giant (Shoreham) bike stores will be helping the Sussex Community Development Association (SCDA) with their Bike Recycling Project. The project is based at a workshop in Newhaven but will benefit the long-term unemployed and socially inactive across Sussex. Rod Lambert, proprietor of Mr Cycles and one of the founder members of Cycle Seahaven, will be providing help and advice to the project and the two shops will be passing on any bikes they receive as part of trade-in offer that will run throughout January. Previously customers would ask the cycle shop to dispose of bikes or components such as handlebars, tyres or saddles that they no longer required and the shop would do its best to pass them to other cyclists. Now these will be passed on to the SCDA bike recycling project.
George Stonehouse of SCDA explains: We’re running a Re-Cycle Project that involves re-cycling, maintaining and selling bicycles. The idea is to get members of the community involved in the fixing, maintaining and selling these bikes, to learn work-related skills that they can use in the workplace, help develop the individual’s confidence and make them more employable. The participants will then be able to use the bikes to get to and from work, or they will be sold in the SCDA charity shops and the money would be used to fund the running costs of the project and the charity. We’re grateful for the help and assistance offered by Rod and the Mr Cycles team.


So instead of taking that old bike from the shed to the local tip why not pop it into Mr Cycles and they’ll pass it on to the SCDA Re-Cycle project. Better still, if you’re buying a new bike from Mr Cycles during January that costs £500 or more, trade-in your old bike and you’ll get £75 credit to spend in store. * The trade-in bike needs to be a complete adult bike.

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4th January 2017 9:01 pm

Wonder if it’s worth contacting councils about what they do with ‘abandoned’ bikes they remove from bike racks etc.?

3rd January 2017 11:24 pm

It’s a fantastic idea which will bring multiple benefits. A great ‘good news’ story for the New Year.I’ll circulate the link to the Egrets Way Project Members.Congratulations SCDA, Rod and Cycle Seahaven.

3rd January 2017 5:56 pm

What a brilliant idea! Get those unused bikes back out on the road / track, and gives fresh opportunities & pleasure to others. well done Rod, SCDA & CycleSeahaven.