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By default our calendar shows just a list of titles, like this –

before clicking

before clicking

But of you click on any title (In this case 19:00 Thursday pub ride – The Hope Inn) then the display will expand to show you a lot more detail, including the starting venue and a description of the ride/event –

after clicking

after clicking


Regular updates

Our ride leaders constantly update the calendar, so keep an eye out for the latest rides.


Rides and Events

Our online calendar is  two calendars combined:  one for club rides led by one of our ride leaders,  and one for events and non-club rides.
These are displayed separately on Home Page.

[This section is under review]  Offline Access

You can sync both these calendars with your Smartphone or PC so they’re always on-hand, even when internet is not currently available.
Copy and Paste the below links into any calendar product (e.g. Outlook) or (if you are lucky) click the links from your smart device and follow the on-screen prompts.




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3rd May 2014 6:24 am

Hello – synched this. Good facility. Thanks! 😉