Cycle Seahaven actively campaigns to bring about improvements to cycle path access and facilities for cyclists in the Seahaven area. We have established excellent links to many organisations including: Forestry Commission; South Downs National Park Authority; Sustrans; National Trust; Cycle Touring Club; East Sussex County Council; Lewes District Council and Seaford Town Council; local Police; parish councils and other cycling groups in East Sussex.

We belong to Cycle East Sussex,  a group of representatives from local cycle clubs. Regular meetings are held to share experience and to pool resources.

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Cycle racks in Seaford.

Cycling in Seaford Study

Seaford Community Partnership are working with the South Downs…
Artists impression of new Exceat Bridge.

Exceat Replacement Bridge Project - further update

The design for the new Exceat Bridge will have no cycling provision.…

East Sussex Highways surface dressing programme

Message below from East Sussex Highways: I am contacting you…
Tell politicians cycling matters

English elections: Local cycling for everyone

Cycling UK are asking you to think about cycling at the upcoming…
Sustrans map.

Sustrans Network Development Plans consultation tool

Sustrans have developed an online tool that enables people to…

Surface upgrade on Falmer Road Multi-user Path between Woodingdean and Falmer

Update below from ESCC: In 2013, a partnership scheme between…


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The Club has responded to the consultation and will be monitoring progress of the Planning Application. More info here:
Updated November 2019

The aim is to have the path between Winton Street and the Drusillas Roundabout on the C39 (north of Alfriston) repaired and widened, so that it is suitable for both pedestrians and cyclists. i.e: convert it to a shared-use path. Use of the path would be safer for cyclists than having to cycle along the Alfriston Rd.  Especially as it is part of the NCN (National Cycle Network) Route 21 and also part of the London to Paris Greenway, ie the Avenue Verte.

Highways Agency proposals to up-grade the A27 between Lewes and Polegate provide a cycle path alongside the main road but make little provision for north-south crossings.  more info here: and

  • An alternative to the road climb up Exceat hill has been opened for MTB & Hybrids, but it’s still not great for road bikes, and probably worse since the brick/rubble was laid to reduce pooling.
  • There is an ongoing investigation into building a new bridge over the river, and Cycle Seahaven have proposed improvements tot he cycling infrastructure.



  • Southease to Rodmell is open but only half is surfaced due to landowner wishes
  • Southease to Dean’s farm open
  • It’s now possible to ride off the main highway (the C7) between Southease (Railway station and YHA/Café) and Peaceahaven, passing half a mile from Piddinghoe.

Click HERE for blog entries for Egrets Way

There’s a long history on this subject, and not so long ago a C7 greenway was proposed – a mostly-road route from Newhaven to Lewes. There were many objections and difficulties, but a lot of groundwork and planning was done. The Environment Agency’s decision to maintain the banks of the River Ouse for another 100 years opened up the possibility of a riverside route. Cycle Seahaven partnered with a new group – Ouse Valley Cycle Network – which was set up to explore this possibility. Sustrans have been fully supportive of OVCN’s plans for a shared use path called Egrets Way and parts of it are being built. More detail at




For which we owe thanks to local residents; Sustrans; Sussex Rail Partnership; town, district and county councils. (click each topic to see the detail)

The Club is working with Lewes District Council, Newhaven Town Council and other agencies to develop a pump track in Newhaven.  More info here:

Just completed and ready to use is the shared cycle path at the top of the A27 cycleway out of Newhaven.  This cuts off the narrow and dangerous coner on to Downland Avenue. More here: Peacehaven Shared Cycleway

We’re thrilled to report that the cycle way from the Sailing club to Bishopstone Bridge has been laid. It’s not yet officially open, but is certainly usable. More here: Bishopstone Bridge

The A259 between Newhaven and Peacehaven has a long narrow section of the highway that has been separated from the road. Cycle Seahaven have suggested that the gap is filled to make the footpath much wider so that debris cannot collect, making it suitable for a shared walking/cycling lane.

ESCC have responded favourably to our suggestion and the consultation process is now closed: Click HERE for more.

The new shared path is now open. Cycle Seahaven are asking that Valley Road, Newhaven be considered as the main route for cyclists to and from this new shared pedestrian / cycle way. This is part of a wider network we proposed.

More here:

New and additional cycle parking at our local railway stations of Seaford, Bishopstone, Newhaven, Southease, Glynde.

Funding was made available and a scheme of works was identified.

Links to cycle facility blogs on our website:



For a cycle route, or even a small section of one? It could be:

  • a wide pavement that’s screaming out for shared use
  • a road that could have a cycle lane
  • a quiet road that goes to school or the shops
  • a footpath that really should allow cycling
  • a place to put cycle racks
  • a junction or other feature that puts you off cycling
  • something equally important

Contact Campaigns from the Committee List here with your ideas.  We will look into them and respond.


SUSTRANS, the sustainable transport charity that represents walkers and cyclists has published a code of conduct for cyclists:

Cyclists tend to be the fastest movers on shared paths, but the paths aren’t suitable for high speeds so it’s important to keep cycling speed under control. Remember that they are for sharing, not for speeding. If you wish to travel quickly, train for fitness or record personal best times, this is better done on quiet roads.

Following this code of conduct will ensure that everyone can benefit from shared paths: * Give way to pedestrians and wheelchair users; * Take care around horse-riders, leaving them plenty of room, especially when approaching from behind; * Be courteous and patient with pedestrians and other path users who are moving more slowly than you – shared paths are for sharing, not speeding; * Cycle at a sensible speed and do not use the paths for recording times with challenge apps or for fitness training; * Slow down when space is limited or if you cannot see clearly ahead; * Be particularly careful at junctions, bends, entrances onto the path, or any other ‘blind spots’ where people (including children) could appear in front of you without warning; * Keep to your side of any dividing line; * Carry a bell and use it, or an audible greeting, to avoid surprising people or horses; * However, don’t assume people can see or hear you – remember that many people are hard of hearing or visually impaired; * In dull and dark weather make sure you have lights so you can be seen.

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