Saturday 24th August – Egrets Way Art Trail Rides


In conjunction with The Egrets Way, Cycle Seahaven will be holding led rides along the trail, and visiting a number of the open houses.



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More about this summers Artwave:

This summers Artwave showcases some of the very best creative talent from across Lewes, Seaford, Newhaven & surrounding Villages. The festival will give art lovers the chance to discover new artists, meet the makers, and buy direct from them. The diverse range of work on show includes jewellery, painting, sculpture, printmaking, textiles, ceramics, metalwork, photography and performance art by a mixture of emerging and professional artists and makers. 

Follow the art trails to visit creatives in their studios, homes, galleries and workshops and visit 140 exhibitions – all for free!

The festival takes place over three weekends from 17 August to 1 September 2019. Take an time to explore, and with homemade tea and cake on offer too, Artwave is a special summer treat. View the free guide here 

The Egrets Way Project

The Egrets Way Annual General Meeting
on Monday 10th June 2019 at 7pm.

At St John Sub Castro, Lewes 


A project loved by most if not all of Cycle Seahaven, The Egrets Way now has planning approval in place for the whole riverside route. The majority of final landowner agreements are in place and their next step is to get the substantial funding required to complete construction. Why don’t we show support at their AGM?

Followed by an illustrated talk about the fantastic female founders of the RSPB by Tessa Boase, author of Mrs Pankhurst’s Purple Feather.

“In 1903, an ounce of egret feathers could fetch $32: twice as much as an ounce of gold. To the RSPB, this was a watershed moment.”

The true story of how the snowy egret was pushed to near extinction by the raging Victorian and Edwardian fashion for feathered hats – and how a small group of women fought back to save this, and other species, from ‘murderous millinery’.
An uplifting tale of women and birds. More details on our new website.


Department for Transport pledges £21 million to improve the National Cycle Network in England

Sustrans is excited to announce that the UK Government have pledged an incredible £21 million to improve significant on and off-road stretches of the National Cycle Network.

Money will be put towards many of the England activation projects, working with partners across England, and especially Highways England (who they already work with on the Network) and around the HS2 corridor.

Their vision for the Network is a good one, and a timely one. The Network is an asset for all our nations and regions.

They have set their stall out with honesty and rigour, and provided a clear plan of what they would like to do – not by themselves, but by working with others.

So it’s great to see this approach lead to investment. The Network has attracted considerable investment in Scotland, but it’s been a struggle to get traction in England for some years.

They are now in a position to fund more activation projects and explore new opportunities. They’ll also be looking to attract investment for improvements in Wales, London and Northern Ireland.

You can read more about this investment and what it means for Sustrans and the National Cycle Network on their website.


Newhaven pump track and skate park planning committee

We are looking for volunteers to be involved in the planning and design of the new pump track and skate park in Newhaven. If you would like to get involved, please contact Jon Younghusband through Contact Committee.

The first meeting is likely to be on Thursday 27th September at 5 pm, but this has not yet been confirmed.

This exciting development, for which funding has been obtained, really needs the input of local cyclists.

Back the Campaign for Road Safety

Four years ago, the Westminster Government recognised that our road traffic laws weren’t working and promised a full review of traffic offences and penalties. Following this announcement, not much has happened, but an estimated 1,800 pedestrians have died on our roads since 2014, with 99.4% of pedestrian deaths on Britain’s roads involving a motor vehicle.

Now, instead of the full review, the Government has announced they will look just at cycling offences!

Cycling UK sees this limited review as a wasted opportunity to look at the bigger problems with road traffic laws, and the way the justice system deals with irresponsible, careless and dangerous behaviour by all road users. 

That’s why Cycling UK says the Government must widen their review, and especially take action to:

  • Simplify and improve the legal definitions of unsafe driving behaviour
  • Increase the use of driving disqualifications, closing the “exceptional hardship” loophole

Cycle Seahaven invites its members to examine this Campaign and, if in agreement, support it by taking the action suggested.  It will only take two minutes of your time and could, in the long run, save someone’s life, maybe yours.  You don’t have to be a CyclingUK member to take this important action.

Full details can be found HERE

Dr Bike is Back! JUST!

The final two Dr Bike Surgeries run by Cycle Seahaven will be at Seaford on Saturday 6th and Peacehaven on Saturday 20th October.

Ethos:- Bikes out of sheds and back into safe use

What we are:- 

‘Dr Bike’ is a group of cycle enthusiasts from Cycle Seahaven who want to help local people to use their bikes more. If you are not pedalling because of dodgy brakes, stiff gears, rattles, creaks or soft tyres, then bring your poorly cycle to the Cycle Seahaven Dr Bike surgery.

We are all passionate cyclists, some even have maintenance qualifications, but we will give your bike a safety check and try our hardest to get your cycle fixed, so you get back in the saddle!

What we are not :-

We do not offer a fully equipped bike repair shop – The area is fortunate to have two of these already – but we do have the skills, tools & enthusiasm to carry out basic repairs & maintenance.

Cycle Seahaven Dr Bike Activities 2018  from March to October

Seaford Council Offices / Police Station Forecourt first Saturday of the month from 10:00 – 12:15

Big Park Peacehaven third Saturday of the month from 10:00 – 12:15

Any queries or offers of help to Dr Bike via our Contact page

Egrets Way Planning Update

The Egrets Way project have applied for planning permission at two locations:

  1. to create a link from Railway Lane (just off Cliffe High Street, Lewes) through the Railway Lands past the Linklater Pavilion, and on to Ham Lane. This will join up to an existing section of Egrets Way that goes from Kingston, past Spring Barn Farm, through the Stanley Turner ground, along Ham Lane to The Cockshut, and on to the Lewes waste disposal site;
  2. to create a link through Piddinghoe village using existing footpaths along the river bank. This take the route past the boathouse and onto the newly-laid footpath and round the sailing pond. The new section of footpath retains its No Cycling status, so we will need to walk this bit.

The full planning application (SDNP/17/05291/FUL) is available on the South Downs National park website HERE, or you can jump directly to this planning application be clicking HERE.

Finding a route through Piddinghoe has proven to be tricky for many years, so we urge everyone who wishes to see a flat, traffic-free walking and cycling route between Newhaven and Lewes to support this proposal. There are already some objections to these plans, so every letter of support will help secure the next steps in achieving the whole route.

There are a few ways in which you can show your support:

  1. log into the SDNP site (you will need to set up an account) and go HERE then click on the button ‘Make a comment’ to leave support as a member of the public;
  2. use the form at the bottom of this page to leave comments which we will collate and add as part of the club’s formal response.

This is very short notice and we only have till noon on Friday 5th Jan, so please do it now.

Thanks in advance.

If you don’t use the SDNP website to leave comments then please use this one –
This option has now lapsed. You have until the end of Friday 5th jan to use the above links to leave your support.

other stuff
Pointers for supporting comments:

  1. when completed Egrets Way will be a flat, traffic -free route from Newhaven to Lewes;
  2. suitable for kids and the less able, as well as cycle commuters between Lewes, Peacehaven (via Valley Road and Dean’s Farm) and Newhaven;
  3. it will link up –
    • our  International sea port to our county town;
    • the villages all along the West bank of the Ouse: Pidinghoe, Rodmell, Southease, Northease Swanbourough, Iford, Kingston and Cranedown;
    • the South Downs Way, pubs, farm shops, wildlife areas, the Railway Lands & Linklater Pavillion;
    • rail stations at Newhaven, Southease and Lewes (meaning you can get the train for part of the way if you wish).

Click HERE for more on the Egrets Way project.

Click HERE for the Egrets Way website


A27 up-grade – some positive news.


Following the publication of the Preferred Route for the eventual Up-grade to the A27 (see members have made representations to various bodies complaining about the lack of north-south crossings on the A27.


The following is a response to letters concerning this lack of north-south crossings and the proposed “ghost” crossing at Wilmington received from the ESCC Lead Member for Transport, Cllr. Nick Bennett.



Mr Rowswell,

Thank you for your email of 19 October in relation to pedestrian and cycle provision as part of the A27 East of Lewes smaller scale interventions.

Highways England has engaged with the County Council, and other key stakeholders including Sustrans and the South Downs National Park Authority, over the last couple of years as they have developed and consulted upon their proposals for the A27 East of Lewes. The Preferred Route Announcement made by Highways England in late September identifies a package of localised improvements on the A27 corridor between Lewes and Polegate which will increase capacity and improve safety.  Whilst the package of improvements are welcomed, these will only deal with the issues with the current route in the short term.  Therefore, along with the local MPs, other local authority leaders and the business community, we are lobbying for a more comprehensive solution (ie. an offline dual carriageway) to address these capacity, journey time reliability, safety issues in the medium and long term as well as support housing and employment in the area.

As you highlight, the preferred route announcement package of improvements includes a shared use path along the length of the A27.  At present Highways England are still considering whether the shared use path will be north or south of the road, but from ongoing discussions with Highways England on the package of improvements, our understanding is where possible they would like the shared use path to be away from the main road, albeit that might not be practicable in some locations.

I note your comments in relation to the provision for cyclists, pedestrians and equestrians going north – south across the A27.  The funding for the A27 is specifically for improvements on the section of the road between Lewes and Polegate and cannot be used for improvements off the strategic road network. 

However we have had separate discussions with Highways England and the National Park in relation to how improvements can be made to non-motorised user routes either side of the A27 and thereby make the case for monies from the HE’s Roads Investment Strategy Cycling Programme, which is a designated fund of £100m available up to 2020 to deliver safer cycling infrastructure near or across the Highways England road network. As part of our ongoing engagement with Highways England on the design of the smaller scale interventions, my officers will also continue to make the case to them for monies from this funding pot to improve pedestrian and cycle facilities north and south of the A27 into the National Park.

Finally, in relation to your comments regarding the lack of crossing facilities as part of the proposals for Wilmington, the scheme does include the introduction of a signalised crossing to the west of the staggered ghost island junction which will provide a safe place for pedestrians and cyclists to cross and thereby address the concerns you raise.

I trust the information above is of interest.

Yours sincerely,

Councillor Nick Bennett

Lead Member, Transport and Environment

East Sussex County Council

Proposed “upgrading” of A27 – Beddingham to Polegate

A27 East of Lewes road improvement scheme

Preferred Route Announcement from Highways England

The preferred route is detailed in the linked document.  Briefly, there is a shared use path from Beddingham to Polegate for pedestrians and cyclists; there are small changes at Drusillas Junction and very small changes at Wilmington, together with changes at Polegate junction.

However, there are no changes proposed for Firle nor Selmeston, and no centre refuge at Wilmington, only a “ghost island” !  Guess who’s going to end up as ghosts!

See the document at Preferred Route document

Our original assessment of these proposals was posted on 21st Nov 2016, here: A27 East of Lewes – infrastructure schemes