Big boost for CSH nominated charity!


There’s no denying that  COVID-19 has seriously curtailed Cycle Seahaven’s activities and that in turn has led to reduced opportunities to support the club’s nominated charity, Seaford’s Down Syndrome and Special Needs Support Group (SDSSNSG).
Tracey Martin, decided something needed to be done and that it was time to substitute two wheels for two wings and a propeller. The idea of a charity skydive had been born. Now Tracey is not scared of danger as anyone who’s seen her fast MTB descents towards five bar gates can testify, but for this she needed a sidekick.
A quick phone call to another club member (who happened to be in a bar at the time) resulted in a commitment to join the venture. All they needed now was sponsorship, good weather and a lot of courage.
However, fate was to intervene. Tracey’s side kick just ‘happened’ to fall off his bike and injure his shoulder. A replacement Lemming was required. Enter the equally terrified Kirstie Forcey, who bravely decided to stand in for the injured rider (who made a miraculous recovery the day after she volunteered).
The two set about getting sponsorship for the charity  from other club members, family and anyone too terrified to say ‘no’.
The jump was set for Sunday, 20 September and despite numerous rain dances, sacrifices to the weather gods and hopes of a global aviation fuel shortage, the conditions were perfect.
Tracey and Kirstie were dragged up to Headcorn Parachute Club by a group of supporters and handed over to the Tandem Instructors. There was no escape.
Having been briefed on the social distancing requirements and landing techniques required to ensure they didn’t plough up the landing area the two boarded the aircraft.
The flight to altitude (12,000 feet or just over 2 miles up) must’ve set their hearts racing. Whilst the spectators on the ground couldn’t see their faces they could still hear the swearing until the pair exited the aircraft.
Even the 120 mile an hour freefall couldn’t muffle the screams until their canopies opened at 5000 feet. Phew!
Now tandem instructor’s can be cruel and with their ears still ringing it was time for revenge. Pulling down a toggle they put the girl’s canopies into violent spins (they would have experienced less G Force in a washing machines spin cycle)  before both made surprisingly graceful landings on the airfield.
They had done it, they looked green,  but they were elated and they hadn’t been sick. The children of Kent had learnt some new swear words and SDSSNSG are (currently)  £1,377:50 better off.
Well done both of you! Those that were there know just how much courage you plucked up to do the Skydive.
It is not too late to add to this total and if you’d like to contribute to the club’s charity please click on this link, contact Tracey or Kirstie or drop a few coins into the Dr Bike collection box. Let’s boost the club’s contributions to our nominated charity!

Rides Can Now Have up to 15 Riders

The guidance for Cycle Seahaven rides has been revised by the CSH committee. From today the 7th September 2020, subject to the Ride Leader feeling comfortable with a larger group, rides can now go ahead with up to 15 people on each ride.

In making our decision we referred to the guidance published by Cycling UK which allows Member Groups and Affiliated Clubs like Cycle Seahaven to increase Ride Group size from 6 to 15 riders due to the extra controls that we now have in place.

We are still complying with Government Guidance for organised sport.

See the full guidance here

Cycling UK’s World’s Biggest Bike Ride – 12 September 2020

What is the World’s Biggest Bike Ride?

This is the cycling event for people who simply ride a bike.

Cycling UK is giving everyone a great reason to get out on their bikes, show support for a new era of transport and remind us all how awesome cycling is.

When we look around the globe at the effect of the pandemic, the world is experiencing the biggest bike ride in years: many people who haven’t cycled before, or for many years, are enjoying getting in the saddle.

By joining the World’s Biggest Bike Ride on Saturday 12 September, together we can get behind this exciting step change for cycling and realise the benefits for our health and for the future.

Why should I take part in the World’s Biggest Bike Ride?

Cycling can – and will – make the world a better place; it improves our health, our wellbeing, our air quality, our ability to travel safely, so we’re calling on anyone who likes riding bikes to go for a spin on 12 September.

We need you to show your support for cycling – the time is now. As the UK government recognises how important cycling is, let’s show that all nations are behind this new era of travelling more actively.

Who is the World’s Biggest Bike Ride for?

We are galvanising people who ride a bike to support the step change that will make the world a better place for cycling.

It’s for tots on balance bikes; energetic workers on e-bikes; adventurers on mountain bikes. It’s for juniors, seniors, the young at heart, anyone getting back in the saddle.

Pledge to take part of the Cycling UK website then record your ride on 12th September:


It would be great if we could put together a gallery of photos from the day. If you go out for a ride anywhere on 12th September please send a photo to … lets show everyone how diverse and cycle mad we all are!

Dr Bike session at the Big Park a great success!

The Dr Bike team are very pleased to announce that the first post lockdown C19 Dr Bike session at the Big Park in Peacehaven was a great success!

The mechs fettled 11 bikes and raised £46.00 for our charity.

Thanks to our mechanics Dave, Jamie, Paul, Simon and Roger for the professional manner in which they complied with our C19 strategy and their high standard of work, and to Donna Turner for heading up the meet and greet and taking customer details.

A New Chair for Cycle Seahaven


Andy (Gus) Lock has been co-opted onto the committee and unanimously voted to the role of temporary Chairperson, under Section 7.C of the club constitution:

7.C. Composition etc
c If an Officer or Committee member retires or resigns from the Committee before the next AGM then the Committee may co-opt a Club member to sit as that Officer or Committee Member with full voting rights, until the next AGM. The post must then be put for election as in rule 6e.

Andy has previously served on the committee for eight years and held the position of founding Chair for three years.

On behalf of the members, the committee welcome Andy back!

A warm welcome too, to Dave Sutton and Sarah Winser who are rejoining the committee as Road and MTB Ride Leader co-ordinators.

Dr Bike is back!

We will be at the Big Park Peacehaven on Saturday 18th July from 10:00am – 12.15pm.
Priority will be given to key workers so please bring your work ID along if you are claiming a priority slot.
We are all volunteer cycle enthusiasts from Cycle Seahaven, your local club, and this is our first post-COVID Lockdown session so please bear with us as we may experience a few teething troubles.
We will be maintaining a strict two metre Social Distance policy, so your bike will have a safety check by our team and you will be asked to wait away from the work area until your bike is fixed.
Papachino’s at the Gateway Cafe is open for Takeaways so why not have a coffee or ice cream whilst you wait.
All donations go to our chosen charity Seaford Downs Syndrome and Special Needs Support Group.
If you need further information please feel free to contact the Dr Bike team via our contacts page on the website or the Dr. Bike webpage, which will also keep you informed of any cancellation updates.

The Resignation of the Chair of Cycle Seahaven



Today, Friday 19th June 2020, Guy Reynolds handed his notice to the Committee and Members of Cycle Seahaven as Chair, stating in an email (to the members): 






Dear Cycle Seahaven Member,

    After serving on the committee as Chairman for four years, I have made the decision to stand down for personal reasons. I am no longer able to commit to the time the position warrants.
    In this current climate, there are masses of opportunities open to the club and I would urge anyone who is able to assist the committee to step forward and offer support.
    I’d like to thank everyone who served with me on the committee for the time they dedicated to it and also our fantastic bunch of ride leaders without whom the club would not be what it is today.
    I hope to be able to ride a little more in future and I look forward to seeing some of you on the trails (I am still not brave enough to ride on the road, but I will work on it).

All the best,


The response from the committee came from the current secretary, Michelle Brett:


Dear Guy,

    On behalf of the membership of Cycle Seahaven and past and present committees, I would like to sincerely thank you for the time and effort you have put into the last four years as Chair of the club. As a club, we would not be where we are now without your vision, tenacity, resilience, and hard work. 
    You have certainly left Cycle Seahaven in a fantastic position for whoever may step into your (humongous) shoes!
    We wish you all the best for the future and hope to see you out on your bike and just enjoying being a member of Cycle Seahaven again soon.

Yours sincerely






I’m sure that we all agree with the comments and wish Guy well.




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