Message from the Chair

I would like to thank everyone that attended the AGM last night. It was at times a little challenging but nevertheless very productive.

I’m grateful to those of you who voted to discuss the proposed changes to the constitution, despite a valid and legitimate challenge to defer it. The vote saved the committee a significant chunk of time and because of the number of attendees (75 in total),  it was perhaps more inclusive than doing it at a later date in an EGM.

For those of you that were disappointed by the decision to proceed with that item, I acknowledge that it was missing from the agenda. Sometimes things that are so obvious are overlooked because they are not given a second thought.

I probably made some other procedural errors but I don’t profess to be an expert in such things. Hopefully, my enthusiasm (and that of the committee) to progress things on behalf of the club compensates for this.

I also hope the majority of you felt that the subsequent proceedings were productive and gave individuals a chance to voice their opinions. As I said last night, the committee would welcome constructive criticism on any changes you think are necessary (this applies to anything the committee does, not just the constitution). There will be further opportunity to have your say.

We have taken on board the points raised and we will happily consider any further suggestions. Any additional constitutional changes will be made available to the membership in accordance with the EGM rules.

Finally, I would like to thank Denis Bass and his helpers for his culinary skills and all of you for attending and making the evening the success was.

I look forward to riding with you in the near future. 


Cycle Seahaven 2019 Member Survey

How are we doing ?

Welcome to our members survey for 2019. Please take time to read through the questions and give your feedback to assist us making Cycle Seahaven stronger and better in 2019. Our members voices, ideas and opinions matter greatly to us and help shape the future of the club for the benefit of all it’s members.

This survey is open to all Club members, whether you’re a long term Club member or joined last week. You and your thoughts count. 

To get to the survey, click here

The committee wishes it’s members complete freedom of thought in anonymity. Therefore this survey does not collect any member details of those taking part.

The survey will be open until the end of February and the results published in March.



Cycle Seahaven Community Amateur Sports Club AGM: Thursday 7th February 2019

Cycle Seahaven Community Amateur Sports Club

2019 Annual General Meeting
To be held at The Seven Sisters Public House, Seaford,
Thursday 7th February 2019 at 7.30pm, prompt.



  1. Apologies
  2. Welcome and introductions from the Chairperson
  3. To approve the minutes of the 2018 AGM held on 6th February 2018 at The Newhaven & Seaford Sailing Club
  4. 10 Years of Cycle Seahaven
  5. Election 2019
  6. Chairman’s Report
  7. Treasurers Report for 2018
  8. Charity: Cycling Without Age
  9. Club Shirts
  10. Rides & new Ride Leaders in 2018
  11. Ladies Rides
  12. Dr Bike
  13. Media
  14. Events
  15. Ride Leader Awards
  16. AOB

Michelle Brett
Secretary (co-opted)
January 2019


Download and print Agenda here 

A Record January for the Tourers

The tourers clocked up 300 miles with 10 rides in January this year even though there were several cancellations although, not as many as in previous Januarys. This is a record!

The weather must be milder! Two years ago, in January 2017 we only managed about half that distance over 7 rides. Hopefully, the milder weather will continue through February so we can achieve similar figures to January.

Spring is only four weeks away when the weather will turn much warmer and flowers will start appearing in the hedgerows. I hope I’m not being too optimistic! Our aim will be to lengthen the Thursday rides to 40 to 50 miles during March (they’ve been a bit shorter during Winter) and to do a Metric Century, ie 100 kms. Tuesday rides will stay at about 25 miles and, for Sunday rides, 35 miles give or take a few miles.

Happy cycling,


Proposed changes to the Constitution

Cycle Seahaven Community Amateur Sports Club (CASAC) hasn’t changed its constitution in 10 years.
The committee thinks that a few changes are needed, like simplifying the name to just ‘Cycle Seahaven’.
This and other changes have been made. For example information about General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and some clarification around co-opted members on the committee.
We’ve tried to highlight the changes in a simple to read, easy to compare format.
For the changes to become valid members will be asked to vote simply ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on each of the proposed changes at the AGM.
To give you time to consider things we have put the proposals on the website now. We will also email every CSH member by the end of the weekend, so you have time to scrutinise the suggestions in depth.

We look forward to seeing you at the AGM on the 7th February.

All the best,
The Cycle Seahaven Committee.

Click here to see the proposed Constitution Amendments

Ladies (and Snowmen) Ride

February’s Ladies Ride will be stopping for coffee, cake and cackles at the Big Park, in Peacehaven this month.

Your Ride Leaders, Sarah Winser and Kate Carver will meet you on the Cycle Path at the bottom of Edinburgh Road on Seaford Seafront for a prompt departure at one o’clock. 

The route will take you along the cycle path to Newhaven, via the riverbank to Piddinghoe, a short hop on the C7 to Deans Farm, and then road to the Industrial Estate where you’ll come into the Big Park via the North side of the park.

After the refreshments, you’ll return home via The Highway.

As always, the Ladies Rides are a comfortable ride, ridden at the pace of the slowest rider and no-one is left behind. It’s a great way for ladies to introduce themselves to the group, and if you haven’t been on a ride before, then you’ll make some wonderful friends and be looking forward to the next by the time you’ve finished!

Essential Kit:
Spare Inner Tube
Lights and Helmet

Find more details on the Ride Calendar

Overworked, without pay, so a little help please!

Hi everyone.

This is Cycle Seahaven’s 10th year and membership is at a record high. We are not far off having 400 members but we can only achieve this if those of you that haven’t renewed do so now. There are about 70 of you that haven’t.

Denis Bass, the Membership Secretary and Treasurer, literally spends hours and hours of his free time chasing those that haven’t paid. So, PLEASE help to reduce his workload by making sure you have renewed your subscription for this year before the end of January. Annual membership is £8 for individuals, and £14 per household, reduced by £1 if you pay by standing order (CSH’s preferred option). It’s not a lot so little help sending your payment would GREATLY appreciated (and keep Denis looking young and fresh)!

If you’re not going to renew please let Denis know by emailing him using the following link and selecting ‘Membership’: If you’re prepared to tell us why you’re leaving we would welcome the feedback.

If you are going to renew, or you can encourage a few friends to join, please use the following links.

The member who encourages the 400th member to join get a year’s free membership.

Payment methods are described below.

Membership page

Standing order form

Individual membership form

Household membership form

Payment methods

Pay Pal Our online Shop

Cash      Pay cash at Mr Cycles Seaford

Cheque Payable to Cycle Seahaven and taken to Mr Cycles by Seaford railway station or by post to: Cycle Seahaven Treasurer, 12 Bowden Rise, Seaford, BN25 2HZ

Standing Order  Setting up a standing order ensures that your membership is renewed automatically each year – this saves us administration in chasing renewals. Just complete the appropriate Standing Order Form and post to the Treasurer at the address above.

BACS     By BACS transfer to:

Cycle Seahaven, Lloyds TSB

Sort Code 30-65-37

Account 22902360

There may be a delay in posting your membership card using BACS

Mobile payment (payM)

Send payment to 07788428082 with text or email to denis stating what the payment is for.

Thank you for your help and support.

Guy (Chair CSH)

Cycling UK Affiliate Membership

It has just come to my notice that by becoming an affiliate member of Cycling UK you do not get all the benefits of being a full member. I mention this in case anyone is deciding to become an affiliate member as a result of reading the article in the Cycle Seahaven newsletter about Cycling UK.

When the newsletter was published, we weren’t aware of this limitation; it’s not obvious on the Cycling UK website. However, when corresponding with Cycling UK on another matter it transpired that two of the benefits are not included with affiliate membership: the six issues of Cycle magazine a year and the free cycling related legal advice.

I have complained to Cycling UK and advised them that I feel their website is misleading on this matter.