This Event is for members only

Sunday, 19th June 2022 

Cool route – 27 miles 

Classic – 46 miles

Bikes can be transported by club trailer and transport outbound and return journey (small fee) is available


Ride Leaders:

     Sarah Winser

     Kate Carver

     Carol Bryant 

Please contact Sarah Winser for details through our Contact Us page.

Touring Rides

Spring is here and the weather is warming up so it’s a great time to go cycling. There’s certainly no shortage of easy touring and touring rides; there have been just over 40 already this year. If you haven’t been on an easy/touring ride then why not try one.

There’s not much difference between theses two two types of ride. Easy touring rides are, as the name implies, run at a slightly more relaxed pace and are usually over less hilly terrain.

The rides are every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday of each week and we usually aim to run both types on theses days. They aren’t just about the cycling. We always stop at a cafe or tearoom/garden for a rest and a chat over a cup of tea/coffee, cake etc.

Our rides go to a variety of places over a wide range of distances. The easy touring rides on Tuesdays tend to be our shortest rides, going to nearby places such as Ripe, Upper Dicker, and Muddles Green. Rides on the other days go furthsr afield: Pevensey Castle, Bexhill and Isfield (Lavender Line) are firm favourites. Some rides, over 50 miles go to Worthing, Hastings and Littlehampton.

Full details of each ride, including a link to a plotted route which you can download onto your GPS device or mobile phone, are on the club calendar.

Hope to see you on an easy touring or touring ride soon.

Happy touring,


WOW: Litlington Tearoom

There will be a WOW (Women On Wheels) ride to Litlington Tearoom this Saturday, 14 August. Riding at a gentle pace set by the slowest rider and supporting each other.

This route is suitable for MTB, Hybrids with knobbly tyres and E-bikes suitable for XC.


Details of this ride are on the Club Calendar.

Happy Cycling!

Wanderlust Wednesday is back!

Kirstie’s Wanderlust Wednesdays are back.

These rides are aimed at anyone that wants an introduction to MTB and local cycle routes. For all levels of riding and ability. Great for confidence building and social. We ride at the pace of the slowest rider and nobody gets left behind.
The plan is to start of with smaller loops and build up over a few weeks to allow riders to develop and transition through to the higher graded rides within the club.
Check the club calendar for updates on the route and starting place/time. The routes may change on the evening depending on the ability of riders that turn up.
We will be riding for approximately 1.5 hours using cycle paths and bridle ways.
Suitable for hybrid and MTB bikes.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding the route, your bike and your ability.
Please be sure to bring suitable tools for your bike (puncture repair etc.) water, a snack and front and rear lights.
Helmets are required on all club rides.
Ride leaders can be contacted via the contacts page on the CSH website or DM me.
Look forward to seeing you, Kirstie Forcey.

Jersey Competition: The Winner

We are pleased to announce the result of a competition we ran last year to get members’ views on the next phase of our Cycle Seahaven jersey roll out.

Whilst not many participated members (44) in the competition we are pleased to announce that Dan Sheppard was the winner.

As a result of this Dan will assist the sub committee who have volunteered to manage this roll out. Time has moved on since Dan put his ideas forward and, together with a new supplier and different jerseys, we as a club will soon have a new image for our jerseys. Watch this space for developments; we will keep you advised.

Denis Bass


WOW: Women On Wheels

A friendly and supportive environment to help women enjoy riding as well as see the benefits of cycling in a group.

Our rides always include Tea Coffee & Cake!

It doesn’t matter if you’re:

– keeping fit,

– young at heart,

– wise beyond your years or baffled by gears!


Every woman is welcome on our rides.

You’ll discover new places, gain confidence as a group.

Make new friends.

Do things you never knew you could.

We guarantee you will have a lot of fun along the way.

That is the WOW of riding together.


Road Ride in May: check Club Calendar for details.


Ride Leaders

Sarah Winser

Kate Carver

Carol Bryant

Cycling Changed My Life

It’s been five years since I first signed up as a member of Cycle Seahaven and started following the club on Facebook when I noticed that they were putting on Beginners Rides. So I dusted off my aged bike and with some intrepidation, cycled to the meeting point for the Beginners Ride where I was warmly welcomed by ride leaders, Paul and Roger and we set off on my first cycle in decades.

At the time I didn’t realise what a life changing day that was to be and that my focus on Sunday mornings would never be the same again. I returned home so elated that I then recruited friends to join me on the next Beginners Ride.

I’ve been reflecting on my cycling journey with the club having recently cycled over 360 miles during March as part of a Cycle Seahaven challenge to get us all back out on our bikes after the long winter and lockdown.

Five years ago I could never have imagined myself, now 63 years old, being able to cycle so many miles, mostly off road and at the moment still on a manual bike although I definitely have my eye on an e-bike in the not too distant future! Over the years my usual position on a club ride has been ‘Tail End Charlie’ bringing up the rear but somebody has to do it!!

So five years and two bikes later, and many miles cycled, I’ve been encouraged and supported throughout by ride leaders, all with endless patience just wishing to share their passion for cycling. I’ve always loved walking on our beautiful South Downs but through Cycle Seahaven I’ve learned of many cycle routes away from our busy roads which has enabled me to enjoy even more of the beautiful countryside we have right on our doorstep plus I can now confidently cycle on the road when absolutely necessary!

Most important, I’ve made many friends and am probably physically and mentally more fit than I have ever been thanks to being a member of Cycle Seahaven.

So I thank everyone involved in running this incredibly friendly, fun and successful club and suggest that you dust off your bike, take it to Cycle Seahaven’s Dr Bike if it is in need of repair and give cycling a go as you too may never look back. 🚲


Written by a member of Cycle Seahaven

Website Improvements

Improvements are being made to the website over the next few weeks, one of the main aims being to make it easier to find information. The menu structure is being modified so that some of the more popular pages can be directly accessed from the main menu such as the Dr Bike page. A Contact Us page has also been added to the end of the main menu.

The Blog is now called Latest News as that more accurately describes our blog. Also, the word blog is a bit techie and can be off-putting.

So, don’t be surprised if you notice some more changes over the next few weeks. I’ll be describing them in more detail in a an article in the Spring issue the Cycle Seahaven newsletter which will be emailed to all members in early April.

Clive Aberdour


Stop Press Ride Guidance Updated to Groups of 15

Tourers at Isfield Station

Today (24th March  2021) Cycle Seahaven (CSH) Committee have updated our Coronavirus Ride Guidance in line with UK Government advice and updated guidance from Cycling UK for affiliated groups like CSH.


From the 29th March 2021, subject to the Ride Leader(s) feeling comfortable with a larger group, rides can now go ahead with up to a maximum of 15 riders in each group.


We are able to increase the group size, as Sport England has published guidance confirming that group cycle rides are included in the organised sport and activity exemption from the “Rule of 6”.


Cycling UK has stated that 15 riders is an absolute maximum for group rides. For some rides, usually where the 15 limit is likely to be exceeded, or where the ride leader wants to know who’s coming, you may still need to contact the ride leader(s) to book a place. This will be clearly stated in the first line of the Ride description with the words ***you will need to book a place on this ride*** .


This guidance is in addition to our usual ride requirements.


In summary, from the 29th March 2021. CSH Group rides can restart, groups will be limited to a maximum of 15 riders, but multiple groups are permitted.


When at a refreshment stop, it will be responsibility of all riders to comply with the “Rule of 6” this will be until 17th May 2021 at the earliest.


Please check the calendar to see if you need to book a place.




  1. Do not come on a ride if you feel in any way unwell.


  1. Groups must not exceed 15 riders in total. Multiple Groups are permitted, providing groups do not come into contact with each other on the road or trail.


  1. Groups will need to maintain a “clear gap” at any assembly points as well as during the ride. Ride Leaders may consider staggered start times, or perhaps different start locations.


  1. It is not the role of the ride leader to enforce social distancing, this is a duty inherent on everyone. So please respect the 2-metre social distance and rule of 6 at refreshment stops.


  1. Ride Leaders should post their rides on the calendar in the usual manner.


  1. Bring all you need for the ride COVID wise, including a face covering, hand sanitizer etc, as well as anything you need to get home in the event of a mechanical.




See the CSH Group Rides Risk Assessment here