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Many thanks and a Happy New Year to you all.

Message from the chair on behalf of Cycle Seahaven Committee

It is fair to say that 2020 has been a difficult year and has thrown us many new challenges.

Cycle Seahaven has been no exception. The main aim of this wonderful club is to encourage all our members both new and old on to their bikes and to enjoy the beautiful countryside we live in.

We have an amazing team of Ride Leaders who have always been willing to share their experience and their favourite routes, thus offering you new routes to explore safely.

Unfortunately, COVID 19 came into our lives and changed the way we, as a club, are able to help our members.

Lockdowns and restrictions meant that we have not been able to offer the rides as normal. When it has been allowed many of our ride leaders have worked together to enable rides to go ahead and we know through the wonderful messages received that many of our members have really enjoyed getting back out.

Behind the scenes the Committee has also faced a rather turbulent year. In June, the announcement that Guy Reynolds was to step down as Chair after serving for 4 years, followed quickly with the news that Andy Lock had been co-opted by the Committee to take on the role.

Following the departure of Guy, more challenges faced the committee when another two members stepped down.

The workload since then has been split between a committee of 8 and with the challenges faced by them on finding ways to support our 375 members, continue the hard work on campaigning for better infrastructure for cyclists and the general day to day running of a club, as well as coming up with new ways to get our members out riding has been tough.

Further disruption occurred when Andy changed jobs and was forced to take a step back from his co-opted role as Chair. Although Andy stepped down he thankfully agreed to remain on the committee and continue his support as and when he could.
The committee members pulled together and managed for a short period under their own combined guidance until the committee meeting on 16th November when I agreed to be co- opted into the role of Chair.

Having been co-opted onto the committee and then into the role of Chair has taken some adjustments and quick learning and unfortunately some very difficult hurdles to overcome.

I learned that for the past few months the committee has been on the receiving end of some very critical comments (both via email and social media) by just a few of the members. Some of the comments received have been rather aggressive and the committee as a whole found it totally demoralising. As a committee we openly accept and often ask for the opinions and suggestions from our members. However, we would ask all our members to address the committee using the link on the website. The committee are volunteers and do a great deal of hard work on your behalf. Taking time out to answer emails such as the ones received has taken each of them away from the roles they volunteered to do, so I would ask that if you do contact us please be friendly and polite in your communications.

I am however incredibly happy to say that the club currently has a very strong and dedicated committee supporting them. Each member is passionate about cycling, passionate about their club and in everything we discuss and agree on, we all have, at the heart of it, the interests of each and every member of this club.

The committee will stand for re-election in 2021 and hope that we will have the continued support of our members. There is however room for new members to join and bring with them fresh ideas and support and at this time we are asking for nominations to join the committee for 2021.

So, if you are passionate about cycling, passionate about your club then why not join us and bring some new and fresh ideas to the table to help support our members in 2021.

We meet once a month for a few hours (currently via zoom) and each member in the committee has a role which most have selected themselves as an area of interest to them.

There are of course specific roles which must be filled and these are the role of Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.

If you feel that you have some spare time and would like to join the committee then please send us your nomination via email to the chair using the contact form here.

We will need your full name, contact details and a short Bio on yourself and your area of interest.

Depending on the numbers of nominations received, voting will take place in the new year and announcements made at the AGM.

Want to help but don’t want to join the committee? Then maybe one of our sub-teams will be of interest to you. We need support in the areas of Campaigning, Website Management and Media Management.

We would like to ask if any of our members have experience or a keen interest in either of these areas and would like to join one of our sub-teams, please send your details to the chair using contact form here.

The deadline for all nominations is 11 January 2021.

If you are thinking about joining the committee or are just interested in what goes into running your club then why not join us at our next committee meeting on Monday 21st December 2020 at 7pm.

Simply contact the secretary using the contact form to say you would like to observe and we will send you the relevant link.

We look forward to receiving your nominations and welcoming you as an observer at our meeting.



Cycle Seahaven welcomes our new Chairperson

Joanne Barlow has been co-opted onto the committee and unanimously voted to the role of temporary Chairperson, under Section 7.C of the club constitution:

7.C. Composition etc
c If an Officer or Committee member retires or resigns from the Committee before the next AGM then the Committee may co-opt a Club member to sit as that Officer or Committee Member with full voting rights, until the next AGM. The post must then be put for election as in rule 6e.

On behalf of the members, the committee would to welcome Joanne.

Update from the Committee

Dear Cycle Seahaven member.

Just a quick update to let you all know what’s happening from your committee. After the AGM in February it was unthinkable to foresee where events would take us with the restriction on meeting people for a bike ride because of the Coronavirus.

In early summer, just as rides were beginning to re-start, there were three resignations from the committee, two of which were the key executive positions of Chair and Secretary. We thank those members who have served us all and for the hard work they have put it.

By late July the committee had temporarily co-opted Andy Lock and Dave Sutton to assist with getting things up and running again. Andy is the new temporary Chair of the Club and Secretary duties are now being carried out by Charlie Ireland.

Committee meetings are now being held online using Zoom, whilst not as good as face to face meetings, the new committee is finding it’s feet and moving things forward.

The committee process starts with a meeting, the minutes for that meeting are then ratified at the next meeting and published as soon as practicable afterwards. This means that minutes will not appear on the website for at least a month, but usually no later than 6 weeks after a meeting.

Tourers having a socially distanced refreshment stop on a recent ride.

Tourers having a socially distanced refreshment stop on a recent ride.

Club members are welcome to attend meeting on the same basis that they have always been and will just need to inform the Secretary.

The Committee have been busy keeping the COVID guidance up to date to ensure we’re compliant with our affiliating body’s insurers and the ever-changing status of the Government guidance.

We have purchased a new standalone card reader for outside events, so we’re now able to work in our cashless and contactless society. This is safer for our Dr Bike crew and allows us more options when dealing with payments. The card reader can also print paper receipts if required.

After many years of amazing support and a free site provided by Three Ponds Holiday Park, we are planning for a new trailer location. A suitable site had already been found and there is now the kind offer from a club member for an alternative which is being considered by the committee.

Led Rides

During COVID restrictions our amazing ride leaders must deal with ever-changing restrictions, personal circumstances and vulnerabilities, family ‘bubbles’, track and trace requirements and keeping numbers within limits.

More and more rides are beginning to appear on the Calendar as our Ride Leaders get used to the new rules and members staying in their “six”, recent examples being Ladies Rides, Social Rides, Tony’s Off-Road Touring group and the Regular Road Touring and Touring Plus group rides. On the  31st October there will be a multiple Group MTB ride from Seaford along the SDW to Southease and back along the Egrets way.

Dr Bike at The Salts, Seaford.

Dr Bike at The Salts, Seaford.

Dr Bike

Our regular surgeries continues to be a fantastic event for the club, with the recent addition of a regular session at Paradise Park Newhaven, thanks to Lee and Donna Turner and the whole Dr Bike Team for their efforts in providing a much needed surgery at Newhaven. Dr Bike now has three sessions each month, Seaford, Peacehaven and Newhaven on the 1st, 3rd and 4th Saturday of the month respectively. The funds for the club charity are nearly at last year’s total so well-done Lee Turner and the Dr Bike team.


Our Campaigns leader Simon Mcfarlane put many hours of work into suggestions for the Department for Transport’s Emergency Active Travel Fund to support active travel during the Covid-19 pandemic. This fund was created in reaction to the massive uptake in walking and cycling and the restrictions placed on public transport use. Regrettably for cyclists in the area, East Sussex County Council decided that it couldn’t act fast enough to meet the deadlines set by central government. The council insisted on consultation rather than trialling emergency measures as other councils have done. This is a big blow as already traffic levels in the county are above pre-pandemic levels and the trial could have given a great insight to possible future permanent solutions. ESCC will be spending £350k of the £560k that the government awarded – £210k will be handed back. There is a second much larger fund now available but ESCC has refused to take suggestions for this.

We would like to thank Club member Cllr Carolyn Lambert who did a fantastic job of fighting cyclists’ corner at the meeting where the decision was made.

As part of the fund additional cycle parking was offered. We submitted a selection of locations around the area. We have had confirmation of the first rack to be added in Newhaven Town Centre, next to Portside Vets. Conversations are still underway to ensure we get the stands we were promised in locations in Seaford.

We would also like to thank club members who contributed to the East Sussex Highways Exceat Bridge Consultation. We have formally responded with collated comments. Let’s hope the updated design takes into account our comments as the initial design didn’t sufficiently cater for cyclists.

Simon has been attending both Cycle East Sussex and Lewes District Council Cycling Forum meetings. These are a great opportunity for us to work together with other clubs, groups and councillors to try and improve cycling in the area.

Membership and Finance

The treasurer has been busy keeping records up to date with Membership on 23/08/20 at 370 of which 141 are female and 73 household.

Cash at the bank as at 12/10/20 was £7,688.35 of which £2,130.00 is for the Paris Ride 2021.


By the time you read this the Committee will be starting preparations for the AGM, which is likely to be held on Zoom and we have a lot to do so that a new committee can be elected and move the club forward on its own elected mandate. If you think you would like to serve on the committee, come to a meeting see what goes on and put yourself forward when a call for nominations goes out.


Happy Cycling from the Cycle Seahaven Committee

What did Cycle Seahaven ever do for me?

Cycle Seahaven means a lot of things to a lot of people. For some it is a way of having fun with like-minded people, for others, it’s been a lifeline. For one young man, it shaped his career choice. Here’s his story:

I joined Cycle Seahaven because my mum, Louise Pye, became a member. As one of the younger members of the club, I wasn’t to deterred by riding with the older members because I enjoy getting out on my mountain bike and participating in club rides.

It was one of those rides that changed the direction of my life. We were in the forest and one of the male riders in the group rode into one of the bomb holes/craters. Apparently, he had done this many times before but this time he misjudged it and crashed. He was obviously concussed and we didn’t know what was wrong with him, so we called for an ambulance. Because of the location and the difficulty of access for vehicles, the air ambulance was called and it landed in a field nearby not long afterwards. Fortunately, the rider didn’t need it but he did get admitted to hospital and was kept in overnight.

Cycle Seahaven had organised several first aid courses in the past and these were open to Ride Leaders and members of the club. The two-day course didn’t cost much and I thought it would be a handy skill to have if someone I was riding with ever fell off.

I did the course in 2017 and absolutely loved it. The training was brilliant, with a focus on the type of injury a cyclist might sustain. It finished with a practical exercise in the forest and left me wanting to learn more.

As a result, I decided to join St John Ambulance in 2018. They gave me further training and I became an Operational Cadet First Aider. This gave me the chance to attend small and large events, providing first aid to members of the public.

When I turned 18 I assisted the cadets as an adult staff member, training them in first-aid. As I progressed in St John I started to undertake some management roles too. It was at about this point I realised I wanted to join the Ambulance Service and become a Paramedic.

There were two routes open to me, go to university for 3 years or join the service and work my way up. So I decided to go for option 2.

I then I spend the next few years gaining as much experience as possible. I became a Team Leader at the Amex stadium, a First Responder for a medical company and a Dementia Specialist

After this, I applied for the role of Apprentice Associate Ambulance Practitioner in the South East Coast Ambulance Service (SECAMBS). I was accepted in April 2020.

I then spent 18 weeks during the lockdown, doing clinical training.  I am now out on the road working full time responding to 999 medical emergencies. I’m really enjoying it.

I hope to become a paramedic in the next couple of years. All this because of Cycle Seahaven and a bloke falling off his bike!

Cameron PYE
Brighton OU  

Touring Rides Aplenty

A quick glance at the Rides Calendar shows that there are now more Touring rides then ever being run, mainly due to the introduction of Touring Plus and Easy Touring rides.

Originally, Touring rides (Level 3 on the Grading system) were for those road cyclists who could maintain a moving average speed of 12-13 mph over moderate terrain. Over the years, as more members joined these rides, it became clear that some would like to go at a slightly faster pace and others a tad slower. Eventually, the Touring Plus and Easy Touring rides were introduced to cater for the wider speed range; the former have proved popular but the latter less so. This may be because there hasn’t been a clear distinction between Easy Touring and Touring as between Touring and Touring Plus.

Therefore the moving averages are being adjusted slightly, wef next Tuesday 6th October, as follows:

  • Touring will be increased slightly to 12½-13½ mph
  • Touring Plus: 13½-14½ mph
  • Easy Touring: 11½-12½ mph.

These moving averages should be treated as a guide to the pace of a ride. In practice, rides may be a slightly faster or slower depending on various factors such as terrain and wind strength.

Hopefully, members will find the clear distinction between these three types of ride helpful in deciding which they prefer to cycle. This topic will be kept under review and feedback sought from cyclists at the end of rides.

A key feature of our rides is that they always include at least one café stop. However, café stops are a bit different these days with the Covid-19 restrictions but just as enjoyable. Clearly, we have to social distance but this isn’t a problem as we always stay outdoors as you can see from the above picture.

If you haven’t been on one of our rides then why not give them a try. We’ll be pleased to see you.

Happy cycling,


Big boost for CSH nominated charity!


There’s no denying that  COVID-19 has seriously curtailed Cycle Seahaven’s activities and that in turn has led to reduced opportunities to support the club’s nominated charity, Seaford’s Down Syndrome and Special Needs Support Group (SDSSNSG).
Tracey Martin, decided something needed to be done and that it was time to substitute two wheels for two wings and a propeller. The idea of a charity skydive had been born. Now Tracey is not scared of danger as anyone who’s seen her fast MTB descents towards five bar gates can testify, but for this she needed a sidekick.
A quick phone call to another club member (who happened to be in a bar at the time) resulted in a commitment to join the venture. All they needed now was sponsorship, good weather and a lot of courage.
However, fate was to intervene. Tracey’s side kick just ‘happened’ to fall off his bike and injure his shoulder. A replacement Lemming was required. Enter the equally terrified Kirstie Forcey, who bravely decided to stand in for the injured rider (who made a miraculous recovery the day after she volunteered).
The two set about getting sponsorship for the charity  from other club members, family and anyone too terrified to say ‘no’.
The jump was set for Sunday, 20 September and despite numerous rain dances, sacrifices to the weather gods and hopes of a global aviation fuel shortage, the conditions were perfect.
Tracey and Kirstie were dragged up to Headcorn Parachute Club by a group of supporters and handed over to the Tandem Instructors. There was no escape.
Having been briefed on the social distancing requirements and landing techniques required to ensure they didn’t plough up the landing area the two boarded the aircraft.
The flight to altitude (12,000 feet or just over 2 miles up) must’ve set their hearts racing. Whilst the spectators on the ground couldn’t see their faces they could still hear the swearing until the pair exited the aircraft.
Even the 120 mile an hour freefall couldn’t muffle the screams until their canopies opened at 5000 feet. Phew!
Now tandem instructor’s can be cruel and with their ears still ringing it was time for revenge. Pulling down a toggle they put the girl’s canopies into violent spins (they would have experienced less G Force in a washing machines spin cycle)  before both made surprisingly graceful landings on the airfield.
They had done it, they looked green,  but they were elated and they hadn’t been sick. The children of Kent had learnt some new swear words and SDSSNSG are (currently)  £1,377:50 better off.
Well done both of you! Those that were there know just how much courage you plucked up to do the Skydive.
It is not too late to add to this total and if you’d like to contribute to the club’s charity please click on this link, contact Tracey or Kirstie or drop a few coins into the Dr Bike collection box. Let’s boost the club’s contributions to our nominated charity!

Rides Can Now Have up to 15 Riders

The guidance for Cycle Seahaven rides has been revised by the CSH committee. From today the 7th September 2020, subject to the Ride Leader feeling comfortable with a larger group, rides can now go ahead with up to 15 people on each ride.

In making our decision we referred to the guidance published by Cycling UK which allows Member Groups and Affiliated Clubs like Cycle Seahaven to increase Ride Group size from 6 to 15 riders due to the extra controls that we now have in place.

We are still complying with Government Guidance for organised sport.

See the full guidance here

Cycling UK’s World’s Biggest Bike Ride – 12 September 2020

What is the World’s Biggest Bike Ride?

This is the cycling event for people who simply ride a bike.

Cycling UK is giving everyone a great reason to get out on their bikes, show support for a new era of transport and remind us all how awesome cycling is.

When we look around the globe at the effect of the pandemic, the world is experiencing the biggest bike ride in years: many people who haven’t cycled before, or for many years, are enjoying getting in the saddle.

By joining the World’s Biggest Bike Ride on Saturday 12 September, together we can get behind this exciting step change for cycling and realise the benefits for our health and for the future.

Why should I take part in the World’s Biggest Bike Ride?

Cycling can – and will – make the world a better place; it improves our health, our wellbeing, our air quality, our ability to travel safely, so we’re calling on anyone who likes riding bikes to go for a spin on 12 September.

We need you to show your support for cycling – the time is now. As the UK government recognises how important cycling is, let’s show that all nations are behind this new era of travelling more actively.

Who is the World’s Biggest Bike Ride for?

We are galvanising people who ride a bike to support the step change that will make the world a better place for cycling.

It’s for tots on balance bikes; energetic workers on e-bikes; adventurers on mountain bikes. It’s for juniors, seniors, the young at heart, anyone getting back in the saddle.

Pledge to take part of the Cycling UK website then record your ride on 12th September:


It would be great if we could put together a gallery of photos from the day. If you go out for a ride anywhere on 12th September please send a photo to … lets show everyone how diverse and cycle mad we all are!